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A Brief Insight on Study and Live in Belgia

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Last week, on Saturday, September 25th, 2021, we delivered a session to talk and to get an insight on what and how it feels to study and stay in Belgia. We managed to create this event because Winy Maisarah agreed to share with us her journey. We gathered almost sixty people to ask Kak Winy to uncover her secret why she ended up in Belgia and living her dream. 

Winny Maisyarah is a graduate student at  Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium. Belgium is a European country with a multilingual and multicultural society. The capital city of Brussels has been selected as one of the 50 best student cities in the world. This is certainly one of the reasons many young people want to continue their education in Belgium. Not only with competitive education, the opportunity to make connections from various backgrounds can also be achieved. In addition, Belgium also has various interesting sides that make people want to visit. The country itself, located in the west of the European continent and Belgium is famous for its chocolate and waffle paradise.

So, Winy starts his story by reminding us if you chose Belgium for your next stop or your place to study, it is better to be used to all the Belgian culture and the language, it is to prevent the culture shock you possibly going through. She told us, Belgium speaks a couple of languages, on a daily basis, the Belgian will speak dutch and french.

She herself chose Belgium to study because she wants to learn more about sales and management. She chose to study at  Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgia. She mentioned that the teacher at  Vrije Universiteit Brussel was a supportive one and very disciplined. 

It takes a different period of time to finish the study. It depends on the major you choose. If it is about social science it takes one year to complete the study while it takes 2 years to study the science program. 

Winny gives her recommendation specifically on the scholarship. She reveals that in Belgium there is so many scholarships you apply for. She said the scholarship usually goes to a specialized major, for example, water management. 

Like the show of Takeshi Castle, her journey and her plan do not go as she wants. Sometimes she experiences things that go unprepared. Her dreams lives also comes with obstacle. She feels the stumble and falll.

In her early time in Belgium, she told us that the language barrier was kind of a problem for her. Not that she is preparing for this, it is because The Belgians speak several languages, but it is often that you go to someplace and they speak Dutch and the other speaks French. Back then, this is the one that made the process of adaptation become a little slower. 

But the rainbow always comes when the storm ends. Winny thinks that having a study gives you so many advantages. She said, while you strolling a class and listening to the professor you could also take some student jobs to get side money. She said that she has 20 hours per week to work and she could earn 100 Euro, it is interesting, right? 

To close the sessions, she speaks about how important it is to have a letter of recommendation from the professor in your previous college. Note that you have to write your motivation letter as interesting as you can.

Quest and Answer Sessions 

To prepare to study in Belgium, do you need a CV and motivation letter course?

you should take a course that can develop yourself. For your CV and motivation letter, basically, write down your skills and show how you deserve the scholarship.

How to improve IELTS Score?

do a trial every day and do it over and over again according to your abilities and weaknesses so that you will know and understand where your weaknesses are, and can access them on the internet

What are the job opportunities in Belgium?

For work opportunities in Belgium since the student job pandemic has 20 hours per week up to 1000 euros per hour and when you graduate from 200 world universities you can have a 1 year work visa. And the average university in Belgium is in the top 200 universities.

What are your messages for students who want to continue their studies in Belgium?

Find the scholarship you want to apply for, then determine what your goals are. Start from what major you are interested in, and look for the available opportunities. One of the scholarships that can be applied is the LPDP, and it is recommended to look for scholarships that are not well known and not much interested. In addition, we should join an organization where there are many international students with different cultures so that we can learn from each other.


Written by Harun Arrasyid

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