About Us

Act Global is an international organisation based in the United Kingdom and Indonesia that was established in 2012. Our team is made up of support staff, logistics coordinators, contracted trainers and volunteers, all working to support our non-formal education projects and programmes.   

Our organisation mainly focuses around three thematic areas: youth empowerment, poverty reduction and social cohesion. However, in essence Act Global is a peace building programme aimed at developing positive cultural relations between people and nations.

We develop and deliver international projects for young people and organisations working with young people, whilst also working closely with our various partners made up of NGOs, Educational institutions, charities and businesses and other funding bodies.

We believe that young people grow best through access to a global education, contact with people from different cultures and being exposed to new positive educational experiences. It’s also our hope that by supporting the development of global citizens, we can foster a more peaceful, sustainable and prosperous world.

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