Age is Just A Number: A CSII Story

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Community Seniors Involvement International (CSII) in the Philippines was the first activity that allowed me to go abroad.  This is the first experience to know how life is outside Indonesia.  And it is a big challenge for me to communicate fully in English.  Behind the joy and pride of being able to go abroad, of course there is a sense of fear and lack of confidence in my feelings.  In this CSII activity, I was with Nevy Widya Pangestika, Dimas Fadhilah Aprilian Santosa, Ni Wayan Kariasih and Gede Martha.

The Training Course activities start from Friday, May 20, 2022 until Friday, May 27, 2022. On Friday, May 20, 2022 we departed from Manila to Bagac, Bataan using bus transportation.  The first day’s activity was the introduction of each participant from Indonesia, Philippines, and Lithuania. I was very happy to meet many new people and exchange stories with them.  From here I learned how to appreciate people with the smallest things, namely by remembering their names first.  What is no less important is knowing how the culture is and how we value that culture.  Of course I learned a lot here.

Saturday, May 21, 2022 is the second day we carry out the Training Course.  Today we headed to the Multi Purpose Hall in Brgy, Pag – Asa Bagac, Sibacan, Bataan for the activity of making Shampoo Bar.  The manufacturer of this Shampoo Bar is accompanied by an expert and given a paper containing instructions and measurements for making the Shampoo Bar. We make the Shampoo Bar with seniors at Multi Purpose Hall. From here what I get is how we can create something that is useful and does not pollute the environment.  How do we use nature without destroying its ecosystem? I saw that activity was enthusiastically followed by seniors. Seniors never give up trying new things.  The next activity is for each country to give a presentation on how the seniors are in their respective countries.  From here we can see the similarities and differences in the problems experienced by seniors today.

Sunday, May 22, 2022 We visited the community of Ayta Magbukun.  The journey is very exciting because it uses a Jeepney (public transportation in the Philippines). When I arrived at Ayta Magbukun’s place there was a child I wanted to carry, after that I carried her.  Here we are taught to make woven bamboo which will be used to make houses for the Ayta Magbukun community.  In return, we also had time to teach them Indonesian. From here I learned that age is not a limit to keep working or working.

From this I learned that age is not a limit to keep working and improve my ability in any case.  I have mixed feelings.  Happy to meet many people and learn new things, sad to see their condition, and proud to have been among them.  I have also learned to be grateful for what I have been able to feel and am going through at this time.  After this activity, we did yoga.  As a person who likes yoga, of course I am very happy to be able to release the stress that I experience.

Monday, May 23, 2022 we got a Training Course from our facilitator, Ms.  Mitchie and Mr.  Jonathan.  Today’s activity is more about how to communicate with people.  Before we carried out the TC, we were asked to sit in pairs to communicate, to ask anything, to ask deeper questions.  Next we learned about symbols in communication and the activities were very exciting.  After that we were given 30 minutes to discuss with the group to determine the games and songs that we would deliver, and these games or songs should be simple and can be done easily by seniors.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 we learn about cyber security brought by Michael, a job shadower from Poland as a representative from Lithuania.  The purpose of this activity is to convey the importance of cyber knowledge, especially young people need to introduce it to seniors. After that Ms.  Camaya gave us an assignment regarding seniors’ problems and what solutions we would provide.  Then we are given an empathy map canvas to position ourselves as a senior.  From here we unite the existing problems of each country and provide solutions that are applicable in all the countries concerned.  As a result, we plan to make a guide in general and also specific to the marketplace and messenger.  From here we learn how to solve problems and use technology well.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 we went to Multi Purpose Hall Barangay Pag Asa using a Tricycle.  I got an assignment to teach grandma Letty.  From here I learned that language can bring us closer.  Age is not something that stops us from learning.  Even if it’s from a different generation, that doesn’t mean you can’t follow it.  Today’s event then we close with a Cultural Event.  It is an honor for me to be able to dance the “Rejang Dewa Dance” in the Philippines.

Thursday, May 26, 2022 we took a walk with participants from the Philippines to Ambon Ambon Waterfall, then watched the sunset over Bataanese.  It is an experience that I will never forget because from the beginning of the trip to the end I did not use footwear (sandals) but the nature there was very good so I was not injured even though I was not wearing sandals.  Arriving at the Waterfall I was also taught to swim by Miles Vincent Mendoza Florez and talked a lot with him about the Philippines.

The thing I will most never forget is, when I try to tell about my life and what I experienced.  In telling stories I always fail to cry because I have to translate what other people suggest and what I have to say.  I got many life lessons from Maam Mitchie. This is very exciting, from here I am determined to improve my English skills to be better and more active in every activity.

From this activity, I feel that I have made new brothers and sisters, are closer and know each other more deeply. I learned that age is just a number. That’s the meaning I got from “Long Life Education”. I learned that everyone is meaningful and useful to others as well.  Learning is not limited by age, during this life we ​​must keep fighting and learning.  In addition, thanks to this activity my mentality became better and I appreciate myself more.


Written by : Ni Putu Mia Puriyanti 

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