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Akademi Hijau

, (Agnes Irawati, translated by Nevy Pangestika)

Akademi Hijau is an environmental education and training program for schools and communities to achieve sustainable development.

Akademi Hijau was founded at the end of 2018, the Founder is Muhammad Abdul Manaf, and the Co-founder is Kusuma Wardani, they both concerned due to the Indonesian environmental conditions and the absence of environmental education in the Indonesian school curriculum. Also motivated by the YSEALI (Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative) program.

The activities carried out by Akademi Hijau are training and education in schools, workshops, and campaigns. The programs are waste management education, training at schools for three months, an anti-plastic single-use campaign that they usually do in schools, a paper recycling workshop usually with kids such as collaboration with Act Global on Wave festival for kids, Colabo Coworking Bali, Ginantri Foundation Bali and a workshop on recycling plastic bag waste into pouches such as collaboration with Act Global through an online class, and with TrashStock Festival. Members of Akademi Hijau also do what they preach to lead by example and spread awareness.

The activities of the Akademi Hijau are currently stagnant as an impact of the pandemic because the activities at Akademi Hijau are hands-on practice.

Kusuma Wardani said the way to influence people to be more environmentally conscious is to lead by example and spread awareness, for example through social media, from simple to complex topics.

Challenges and Joy

The current challenge that Akademi Hijau face currently is the lack of members, due to the corona pandemic the activities are stagnant and most people look down as they approach what they do as just simple things. Kusuma also spoke about the best part of running this community, which is by running this community she always wants to create change, always learn more things, and meeting new people, getting new insights is interesting.

How to join Akademi Hijau?

Interested in joining Akademi Hijau? Currently, the system is volunteering, and if you are interested to be a part of this amazing community, just drop a message on Instagram @akademihijau or email

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