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for Training Course “Euro-Asi”, March to December 2015 in Denpasar, Bali.

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The contact details you provide us below will be used for all correspondence!

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Language(s) spoken:

Please mention all languages in which you are able to work and indicate your level for each of it (B-basic, G-good, VG-very good, F-fluent, MT-mother tongue)

Please note that working language for this course will be English.

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Do you have any special needs or requirements that the host organization should know about?

(E.g. mobility, medical needs, allergies, dietary restrictions, smoker/non-smoker)

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Your organization (if applicable)

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Please describe briefly your organization

What are the objectives, main activities and target group of your organization?

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What is your role (volunteer, youth worker, board member, director …) and your tasks? Please also tell us how long you have been involved in youth work?

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Knowledge and experiences

What is your personal/professional experience in relation with the topics of the training course ?

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What would you like to learn, understand and experience during this training course?

(approximately 4-6 sentences).

Is there any specific topic you are most interested to learn?

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Anything else we forgot to ask but you would like to add?

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Thank you for your submitted application for Act Global Training Course.

Our team will contact you shortly if you are selected to attend this training course.

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