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for Training Course “Tools for Reflective Practice, January 10-18, 2016 in Wales, United Kingdom

Application deadline: 20.11.2015
You will be informed about the selection result on: 30.11.2014

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Please describe about yourself and your motivation to participate in this event.

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Knowledge and experiences

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Please describe what do you expect to learn, understand and experience during this training course?

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Language(s) spoken:

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Disclaimer & Agreement

By agreeing to participate on the project I confirm that I will be responsible for my own behaviour and will do my upmost to ensure that I am participating and engaged fully in the whole programme. I agree that the information in this application is correct and sincere and that I will inform the course organisers of any change in my application/participation immediately.

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Thank you for your submitted application for Training Course “

You will be informed about the selection result on: 30.11.2014
Please note that you should not buy or book your tickets before the selection process and without our confirmation from the Act Global Team.

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