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Denpasar, Bali, October 2014 (Julien Goalabré)

18 months. That’s how long it took for me to be able smell the frangipani’s flower fragrance. But I made it!


When I first came here in April 2013I fell in love with the people, culture and sceneries. This is thanks to the people I became friend with that I discovered Act Global, and that in a classic ripple effect, I found out that the perfect position to fit my skills and goals was offered by the partnership between Italian TDM, French Tambour Battant and Act Global. My dream was at reach! Mixing purposeful professional development with a wonderful place to live in is a rare thing, and I sure wanted to be part of the Mapping Solidarity project. I even made it to the local French newspaper

So here I am, 1 month in Bali under my belt and at the edge of my 30’s, settling down in a house mixing Poland, Italy and Indonesia in an area where a bule (name given to foreigners) is easily recognizable as.…we are the only ones J. 5 minutes’ walk to the office is a great convenience and it’s a very nice place to go every day. Surrounded by rice fields here is my favourite spot to work from. 10751924_10203584369838552_630568425_n

Could I go back to an open space office one day? Well….THAT is my definition of “open”, not a large floor only separated by cubicle walls.

Monkey Business

I had nurtured close friendship with monkeys last year and I was hoping to meet my brother again.singe

Instead, I had some monkey business that resulted with 4 rabies shots!  Unfortunately, if I avoided the rabies, it did not prevent me to be even weirder than I already am.  Glad we are provided with insurance though.

Other than that the other locals have been “slightly” friendlier, with Indonesian Act Global volunteers and members of the couchsurfing group taking us to places of interest and teaching us the local culture. We yet to go to ceremonies that I loved to join during my first trip, but we have 9 months to go so I bet that we will have lots of opportunities to see this again !


Business Time!

Of course we started the project itself and we now know about the areas we will research to map the NGOs. For my own I will take care of Indonesian area of Sulawesi and ASEAN country Philippines. The difficulty will be that some organisations may not have a big presence on the web so it will be necessary to dig deep to find the relevant information.  Big task ahead but I feel confident that with a bit of structure and virtual networking in the areas of research we will manage to find as many potential partners as possible.

We already visited a few organizations including two orphanages


We also have a personal project of our choice to conduct and mine is quite ambitious. But I keep this for a later post as I am still in the early stage of the proposal. But “music” & “plastic” are two keywords 😉

First Weekend Trip

On the sightseeing side of things, most of the crew of volunteer went to Lembogan, an island located 1h boat from Bali. For my own, the highlight was definitely to snorkel with the gracious Manta rays. Here’s a little something to help you understand why!   

The week end finished, we had to go to work on the Monday morning….”hard style” bureau