Bali, here I have come

Pemogan, Denpasar, Bali, October 2014 ()

I came to Bali without a clear idea of what kind of place I was about to reach and what to expect from it: Overseas, you usually hear about Bali from travel agencies selling travel packages or from backpackers who lived here for a while looking for fun and nice spots for surfing, but until you come to Bali, stop playing the role of the tourist and push yourself to to get in touch by yourself with the local people and the local reality, it’s difficult to realize what makes Bali unique, behind the appearances.

While on the plane, my mind would wander between random frames of tropical islands, rice fields, balinese dancers, surfers, pileworks, huts, coral reefs, jukungs, waves, tropical forests, temples, stereotypes, and loads of curiosities to satisfy. Being in Bali for a EVS project and living in a local area like Pemogan is giving me the opportunity to get thorugh the muffled reality packed for tourists and get in touch with the other side, which has a little to do with the western idea of having fun getting drunk on Saturday night and much more to do with a completely different – and very chilled – way of living and conceiving life that the Balinese people has: A very fascinating world I would like to explore and from which I would like to learn. The island of gods for me now is more like an immense playground where to shape up, test myself, experiment, play, learn, and get lost. During the next months, I’m gonna be running different projects, trying to give my contribution and facing some of the issues that Bali is having. Stay tuned.


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