Bridge between Europe and Asia called Synergy Conference


STMIK PRIMAKARA Bali, Indonesia, 3 March 2018 (Public)

On the 3rd of March 2018, Act Global held a local conference for “The Bridge between Europe and Asia called Synergy” with the Indonesian youth, to discuss about the current situation in the country addressing the Youth Empowerment through social entrepreneurship in Indonesia.


The ideas that were brought to this conference is to facilitate the youth to share their ideas about both social and sectoral enterprises, which in the future will expecting the establishment of an online platform – tool of communication and cooperation for the young entrepreneurs from Europe and Asia.

To create a bridge between European and Asian young Entrepreneurs, Act Global focusing on understanding the current situation within the country, by inviting 3 main speaker to share their experiences and sharing the know-how in the field of entrepreneurship in Indonesia, the first speaker was Hendra Wahyudi Saputro, he is a technopreneur who are focusing his business in the IT Sector, specifically on Digital Marketing Agency, with his company, Bali Orange Communications.


Hendra was highlighting to become entrepreneur, the youth would need a strong willing to change, and constantly improve themselves, decide a focused target and to be more sensible for different opportunities, and seized them.


The second speaker was I Wayan Alit Sudarsana, S.H., LL.M, the CEO of, a social business focusing on Education and Entrepreneurship, he was encouraging the youth readiness with the globalization, he was reminding the Indonesian youth on the ASEAN Free Trade Zone (AFTA) is already began 3 years ago, and he said “it will never be too late to master the communication skill by knowing at least 1 or 2 foreign languages, like English or Mandarin, would be helpful” he believe that by minimizing the language barrier, will give a breakthrough for the youth to establish and build their future global business much more simpler with people from diverse background, Asia has a future, by 2020, the number of a productive young people in Indonesia is relatively higher than anywhere else in the world, which could bring a blessing or a curse to the nation, depending on how the youth taking an action, react and contribute for the future, by creating more jobs and reduce the number of unemployment.


The participants was really excited to know-how to create a space for building international partnership and planning future cooperation in the business and social fields and how to build a good team.


The 3rd speaker during the morning conference was Reza Noegraha, the business practitioner in manufacturing & industry sector, with his role as a facilitator for Small Medium Sized-Enterprises in Bali, Lombok, NTB & NTT under the Ministry of Finance & Trade Republic of Indonesia, he shared the simplified business canvas model to help the youth to shape their ideas into a feasibility study for their businesses, and how to utilize it as a pitch material for any potential investor, potential partner & co-founder in their entrepreneurial journey in the future.


With this conference, we hope that the participants are become more motivated to shape their goals, strategies and approach in entrepreneurship, and will be a part of the youth movement in Indonesia for a stronger economy in the future. Act Global will be selecting the best ideas from the participants and give a youth mobility experience to those who will selected and support them with more opportunities abroad, as the Bridge programs will be followed with some other activities in Turkey & Poland this year and China & Kazakhstan next year to connect and establish partnership of the Asian Youth Entrepreneurs with the European Youth Entrepreneurs.

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