Business in Britain

Training Course

Wales, UK, 12-19 January 2015 (Participants from Estonia, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and UK)

This training course took place in a beautiful rural area of Snowdonia national park, Wales, (United Kingdom). We gathered 32 youth workers, leaders and young people who are interested in learning about how to start up a business.

This project aimed to support young people to develop entrepreneurial skills. Many young people would like to open their own business but lack some of the basic skills and experience to do this. This project gave them the guidance to take the first steps in creating their own business from their passions. We also gave some practical examples via a visit to a successful business and social enterprise, Skype discussions with some successful entrepreneurs and practical examples of how to create a social enterprise accompanied by theory. By the end of the project, participants showcased their ideas in front of a panel of successful entrepreneurs.


  • Identifying the main challenges and opportunities of working with young people in rural areas (around this entrepreneurial topic)
  • Discussion on existing entrepreneurial business or social projects made in different rural area setting, and the possibility of creatively developing new projects within EU countries
  • Discussions on what are the creative skills and resources needed by young people to develop their own projects, and how to provide or signpost them to access to training, mentoring and funding
  • Making new partners and contacts with similar interest and use this opportunity to set up further events such as training, seminar, exchange and networking
  • Sharing best practice and identify a preferred method for communication or platform to share resources and ideas

Our partners for this project:

  • HYP Learning, Greece
  • Asociatia ADDO, Romania
  • Seiklejate Vennaskond, Estonia
  • Istanbul Genclik Girisimi Dernegi, Turkey
  • Fundacja na Rzecz Wspierania Kultur Alternatywnych i Ekologicznych, Poland
  • Associazione Studenti per la Citta, Italy
  • Autonomia e Descoberta, CRL, Portugal
  • The Exchangeables, Netherlands

Watch what happened during the training course here:

You can view the photos from this training course at
These photos and video were taken by Tom Lever.

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