Girls Thoughts About Sexual Harassment

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, (Mening)

“Stop exaggerating, it just a joke”. 

“I said that as a compliment, you should be happy about that”.

Have you ever heard words like that every time your friend or you receive words that make you feel sexually harassed? Some words that refer to sexual things are usually meant to tease or get closer to other people. These habits are understandable when entering a normal conversation. Although it is considered normal, there are still many girls who claim that this habit makes them uncomfortable. Most of them also claimed that they did not dare to confront directly to prevent conflict in a social circle.

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ACT GLOBAL Self-Love Online Class

Online Class

, May 2020 (Nevy Widya Pangestika)

      There is a saying, “ We can’t give what we don’t have”. That is so true. Think like this, if we want to help the poor by giving them donations or money, we have to have money. If we want to teach others, we have to be knowledgeable first, and so on. The same goes with love, we can’t give other people our love when we don’t love ourselves first. 

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EVS Story: All You Can Do is Scroll Your Old Gallery



I give it a break before i started to carve it down. So now, the biggest question after all this EVS journey, the question is, ‘what is EVS done to me?’ Before heads up to answer to those question, let me tell you about what kind of EVS that i did. Okay, like few months ago, no, I think its been a year that I was doing an EVS in braga, Portugal. So, I did an EVS in project named “Youth Network for Social Entrepreneurship”. The project went super nice, and even though, I pictured in my memory sometimes. And what the best thing about having a wonderful journey? Yap, you write it down. So here is my story of my wonderful journey of Braga.

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Mangsi Grill Master: The Taste and Innovation from Mangsi

Study Visit

Mangsi Teuku Umar, February 2020 (Public)

“We want Mangsi to become a culinary business that can adapt in every era”. How long would you like to sip your coffee at your favorite Coffee shop? How long would you like to eat your pizza at the restaurant? Why don’t you go to the same place that can serve both? Well, ”Mangsi” is the answer, because of this Food and Beverages business provide more than that. We would like to introduce you to “Mangsi Grill Master”. What is Mangsi ? Where we could find it?

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Video Editing Learning for Beginners Workshop using Simple Application


STMIK Primakara, (Public)

On January 17th, 2020, Act Global and English Club STMIK Primakara held Video Editing Learning for Beginners Workshop at STMIK Primakara, Tukad Badung Street 135, Renon. This workshop was mentored by Chika Mega Kusuma Wardani Winahayu, Act Global Indonesia Foundation volunteer. This activity introduced how to capture a nice video and practical application for editing. An application used in this activity called Movie Maker.

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Community: Seniors Involved – International” (CSII) 

Training Course

Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Indonesia, 2020 - 2022 (All young people aged between 18-30)

Modern world and ageing societies go hand in hand. However, this situation causes problems. One of such challenges is to keep up with psychological wellbeing of the elderly, which is decreasing because of lacking social life and ways to contribute to ever changing society.

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Study Visit to UPT Perpustakaan Lontar. Historical Learning, Types, and Learn How to Read Lontar (Balinesse Alphabet)

local event, study visit

Denpasar, 2019 (Public)

On 5th December 2019, we visited the cultural library at UPT Perpustakaan Lontar. We get a chance to learn about the history of lontar, knew the process of making lontar from Enau leaf also we learned a lot about lontar. Our study visit program held on Thursday at 14.00 AM at UPT Perpustakaan Lontar on Pulau Nias Street No.13. The library located in the central of cultural faculty at Udayana University.

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Natural Antidepressants from Yellow Pumpkin Seeds and Purslane Weed Sharing Session

local event, discussion

Denpasar, 2019 (Public)

In this Millenium era, people become more prone to get depressed. Many factors contribute to the increasing level of depression such as work and study pressure, loss of loved ones, economic reasons, and many more. Depression is a common mental disorder characterized by depressed moods, loss of interest or pleasure, decreased energy, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, and poor concentration. Moreover, depression often comes with symptoms of anxiety. These problems can become chronic or recurrent and lead to substantial impairments in an individual’s ability to take care of his or her everyday responsibilities. At its worst, depression can lead to suicide.

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Study Visit to Sedhana Arsa Trash Bank

Local event, study visit

Denpasar, (Public)

           Trash bank is a great way to reduce pressure on the landfill sites that are growing, contrary to the first impression that probably comes to mind, has nothing to do with individuals’ financial contributions. A trash bank will allow individuals to grow saving account to keep money by recycling trash. The concept of trash bank is simple, residents who are interested or want to be customers collect recyclable trash including plastic bottles and paper to the bank. 

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Fun Run

local event, sports

Renon, Denpasar, December 2019 (Public)

Act Global Fun Run and Culture Exchange is a jogging event on weekends while learning cultures. This event was held at Renon Park in Denpasar by gathering local youth people and foreigners to sharing and spending time on weekends. The purpose of this activity is to stimulate young people to aware of healthy lifestyle and be productive.

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