Training Course: Social Media Literacy for Woman Rights and Exploring Bulgaria


From the 9th of June until the 16th of June 2022, Act Global Team left Bali to attend the second training course for “Social Media Literacy for Woman Rights”. Tria and Jasmine were selected as the representative of Act Global’s team to attend the training course in Bulgaria. This training course was a continuation of the one from Thailand, where each participating country was given tasks to complete. Act Global as a team from Indonesia, was given the task to produce 10 videos for this project, along with some other group tasks.

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Summit for Bridge Between Europe and Asia Called Synergy 2019 Conference


Beijing, China, 26th-31st March 2019 (China, Poland, Slovenia, Indonesia and Lithuania)

The first things that come in our mind when we talk about Beijing are The Great Wall of China, Alibaba Company, Made in China Products, huge buildings and  factories. The city has so many wonderful historical and beautiful places to visit, for example the Forbidden City, which is the largest and best-preserved ancient architectural complex in the world, the Temple of Heaven where Ming and Qing emperors performed solemn rituals for bountiful harvests, the Summer Palace the emperor’s magnificent garden retreat, and the Ming Tombs which is stately and majestic mausoleums of 13 Ming Dynasty emperors and the wonders of the world genuinely inspiringly of the Great Wall.

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Training Course

Poland, 9-17 September 2018 (Mening Lestari)

In September 9-17 2018, 48 youth consist of eight Asians and Europeans were in Brenna for Bridge between Europe and Asia Called Synergy Youth Exchange which was hosted by Fundacja Europejski Instytut Outsourcingu. This program was attended by participants from China, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Poland. Act Global as a partner in this project, sent 6 participants from Indonesia in the training.

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Astonishing Estonia. The colder startup lands.

Training Course for (I)Migration + Action = Global Reaction

Narva, Estonia, 22 - 28 September 2018 (Spain, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Kenya, Germany, Republic Dominica and Estonia)

20th September 2018, marked as the scheduled plan for our visit to Estonia, Europe least crowded countries, so they said, with a population density of 28.4 people per square kilometre. Only Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia can beat it. It is also one of the the least populous of all the EU member states (1.3 million). Based on some facts we found on the internet, it says Estonia has 2,222 islands and islets in the Baltic. That’s a lot, but far fewer than the country which claims to have the most – Finland, with 179,000 (we’re not sure who counted them) but Indonesia, our home country has over 17.000 Island, still beat everyone on the biggest archipelago in the world, but in terms of the size not the numbers.

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EVS On Arrival Training Week

On Arrival Training

Denpasar, Bali., 2 October 2018 - 8 October 2018 (EVS Volunteer)

Every time Act Global receives international volunteers we conduct an on arrival training to support volunteers orientation and integration. From the 2-8th of October Act Global was proud to host and welcome Adriano from Portugal, Cristina from Spain, Sofia from Italy and Pagona from Greece for seven months of volunteer service in Bali Indonesia.

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Mentorship training in Bali, Indonesia.


Bali, 26 August 2018 (Indonesia)

Act Global delivered a one-day free mentorship-training course at HUB Bali Coworking, Legian on the 26th of August 2018. As Act Global would be hosting new international volunteers, a call was made to recruiter potential mentors to support these guys to integrate into Balinese life and culture. This one-day training brought 24 people from the local community who spent the day looking at the role of a mentor and how mentorship works.

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Bridge between Europe and Asia Called Synergy Training

Local Training

Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia, 7th July 2018 (By Trisna and Nisa)

Getting started with writing a business plan proposal is one of the most important things you can do before run a business. Together with Udayana Young Entrepreneur Community, Act Global Indonesia created a local training event with the theme “Business Plan Training for Young Entrepreneur” at the Agrokompleks Building, Udayana University, Denpasar, Bali.

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Improve Theoretical and Practical Capacity of Non-Formal Educators

Training Course

Turkey, 29th April - 5th May 2018 (Written by : Trisna and Nisa)

Turkey has a unique geographical position, lying partly in Europe and the majority of its land lying in Asia. On the 29th of April until the 5th of May, Act Global sent three participants to take part in an international training course programme located in Izmit, Turkey. Izmit is a city in Turkey and is, the administrative centre of Kocaeli Province. According to the 2011 census, the city centre has a population of 300,611. Izmit is by the sea and has lots of amazing scenics places liked Seka Park.

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Training Course: New Skills For The Future Entrepreneurs.

Training Course

Bologna, Italy, 19-23 February 2018 ( Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, India.)

The training course activity entitled “New Skills for The Future Entrepreneurs” was held in Bologna, Italy from the 19th-24th February 2018. The training course took place in Albergo Del Pallone Hostel, which is located in the centre of Bologna City. There were nine participants who came from different countries in Europe and Asia such as Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, and Indonesia.

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Youth Network For Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Boot Camp

STMIK PRIMAKARA Bali, Indonesia, March 2018 (Public)

Youth Network For Social Entrepreneurship Boot camp took place in March 2018 at STMIK Primakara in Bali and brought together entrepreneurial-minded young people into one room to discuss their goals and entrepreneurial ambitions. Read more

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