How Being Literate Could Prevent Hoax?


On Sunday, August 15th 2021, Act Global organized a webinar called Literacy to Prevent Hoax. Still, in this pandemic situation, this event was held online with 75 participants. To discuss this issue, we invite dr. Dito Anurogo, M.Sc as a speaker. dr. Dito himself is an active lecturer at the University of Muhammadiyah Makassar and an author of several health books. He is also a founder of The School of Life Institute, and currently studying for a doctoral degree at Taipei Medical University. We hope he could enlighten us on why it is so important to be literate during this pandemic covid-19 crisis. Read more

StuNed Scholarship Webinar


Pursuing a dream to study abroad is a desire to gain knowledge and seek new experience in other countries. Studying abroad is currently a trend in various circles, ranging from government circles, practitioners, and students. The number of Indonesian students abroad has also increased dramatically, reaching tens of thousands, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The target countries also varied, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, and countries on the European continent. 

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Workshop: Learning How to Edit Animation Videos Using Canva

, (Nona Au Waling)

Today’s digital world has been changing our way of life in many aspects including marketing. The online advertisement comes in many forms, such as copywriting, pictures, and videos. It forces business owners to market their products online. With little knowledge about online media, it will be harder for business owners to develop. With this problem, comes a solution,

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From Idea to Start-up: Things You Must Pay Attention To in Building a Start-Up


, (Mening Lestari)

Which team do you choose, Nam Do San or Han Ji Pyeong? If you are familiar with this team, you certainly know about the Korean drama series which is quite emotional, Start-Up. This drama focuses on the struggles of young people in creating their start-ups wrapped in a love triangle story that touches the hearts of the audience.

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ACT GLOBAL Self-Love Online Class

Online Class

, May 2020 (Nevy Widya Pangestika)

      There is a saying, “ We can’t give what we don’t have”. That is so true. Think like this, if we want to help the poor by giving them donations or money, we have to have money. If we want to teach others, we have to be knowledgeable first, and so on. The same goes with love, we can’t give other people our love when we don’t love ourselves first. 

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