Celebrating National Teacher’s Day!

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Do you know when we celebrate National Teacher’s Day? The government of the Republic of Indonesia declared National Teacher’s Day on November 25 as both National Teacher’s Day and PGRI Anniversary through Presidential Decree Number 78 of 1994. In order to remind teachers that they are honored, the government established Teacher’s Day. Teachers play a crucial role in advancing national development, particularly when it comes to enhancing and developing human resources.

Who is a teacher? Of course, we’ve all heard the term “teacher” at some point in our lives. Do you, on the other hand, understand the intricacies of teaching? Teachers are professional educators whose primary responsibility is to facilitate a variety of learning processes in formal early childhood education, basic education, and secondary education. As a result, when we go to school, we must meet the teacher and learn from the information he has shared in class.

There are other educators besides teachers. Who is this person? Lecturer is the perfect answer. So, what is the difference between the two? Teachers work in primary, secondary, and high schools, while lecturers work in universities. Lecturers are professional educators and scientists whose primary responsibility is to develop, transform, and disseminate science, technology, and art through education, research, and community service. As a result, it is not uncommon for us to come across students who are doing community service or conducting research in specific areas. Has your neighborhood ever been used for student research?

The recognition of the position of teachers and lecturers is not solely for educational purposes; there are other reasons as well. First, the national education system must be implemented. Second, to realize the purpose of national education itself, namely the development of students’ potential to become human beings with faith and piety in God Almighty, with noble character, who are healthy, knowledgeable, capable, creative, independent, and who become democratic and responsible citizens.

Do you know anything about the history of teachers in Indonesia? Let’s look at the history of teachers in Indonesia from the royal era to the current moment.

Teachers in the Hindu-Buddhist Kingdom

At this age, a teacher was from the Brahmin caste. The teacher teaches about scripture. Students are taught philosophy, literature, law, self-defense, and a variety of other subjects by teachers from this era. At the time, the teacher held an honorable position in society, even higher than that of kings and nobles. At the time, the teacher only taught in one location. Even at this early date, it was recognized as an educational institution. At the time, most educational institutions were dormitories.

Teachers in the Age of Islamic Sultanate

One reason Islam managed to enter Indonesia was through education. The scholars created teachers through a series of educational activities in an Islamic boarding school. There are teachers who teach in prayer halls in addition to islamic boarding schools. Philosophy, Sufism, language, jurisprudence, morals, algebra, phallic science, and other sciences are studied in Islamic boarding schools. Only learn language, tajwid, fiqh, and morals in the prayer hall. It was already known to the teacher by his specialty at the time.

As it turns out, teachers have been teaching their knowledge to students in Indonesia since the kingdoms era. This demonstrates that even education was valued by our forefathers. Following independence, teachers formed the Teachers’ Union of the Republic of Indonesia, abbreviated to PGRI in Indonesia. The Indonesian Teachers’ Congress was held in Surakarta on November 24-25, 1945. All differences based on differences in the graduates, the working environment, the regional environment, politics, religion, and ethnicity were then agreed to be abolished through this congress.

The Teachers’ Union of the Republic of Indonesia, or PGRI, was founded on November 25, 1945, exactly a hundred days after Indonesia’s independence was declared. Later, the day the PGRI was formed was designated as National Teacher’s Day.


Written by: Amelia

Pictures: Unsplash, National Tempo, Tanoto Foundation

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