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Act Global also offers consultancy services to support the development of youth engagement, non-formal education and youth work. We have two target audiences for our service:

  • Any governments, organisations and institutes in developing and emerging countries that are looking to engage young people into active citizenship and productive working members of society.
  • Any governments, organisations and institutes that have a developed youth service, but are looking to build on the international dimension of their service.

What can our service offer?

For those in developing and emerging countries, our consultancy analyses the roots of youth work and looks at young peoples transition from childhood into adults. It works with host partners to address what the challenges are within that society and develop a range of programmes that support governments, organisations and institutes to cater the appropriate services needed to engage these young people into becoming positively active in society.

For those looking to develop the international dimension in youth work, our service breaks down what this is and how it effects the lives of young people. With increasing advancements in transportation and communication technology, there is no denying that international integration is on the rise. Society today is more internationally connected than any other generation before and this expanding globalisation will continue to be the case for the young people you are working with. For this reason, it is more important than ever to prepare these young people for the global world. We want to support them to develop the cultural understanding that will foster understanding in the international society they live in and give them the skills to positively engage with other cultures. Within this work we also highlight the opportunities that can be made available for staff and young people for funding activities like training, youth exchanges and overseas volunteer programmes.

Here are some of the services we can provide:

  • Programme evaluation
  • Staff training
  • Introduction to youth work and non-formal education
  • Project design
  • Strategic management
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Employment skills for young people
  • Introduction to risk assessment
  • Youth engagement and representation
    • Reflective practice
    • Tools for professional development
    • Conflict management
    • Young people and climate change
    • Cultural exchanges
    • International dimension and development education
    • Tools for coaching
  • Developing best practice in
    • A youth club setting
    • Detached or street based youth work
    • Issue based projects
    • Youth work in a school or education setting

With our highly experienced multicultural team, we can develop and deliver a range of programs tailored around your needs. Whether it is at a local, national or international level, we have the experience and cultural competence to create what is needed for young people in your area.

Some of our recent work:

We worked with 9 youth centres across Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia to support how they engaged with young people within a youth work setting. The project was funded by US-Aid and supported by Unicef. In the summer of 2010 the country faced a series of ethnic conflicts. The reasons for the conflicts were complex, however a large majority of the people caught up in this conflict were youths. Unicef and US-Aid wanted to help by building and equipping youth centres in the hope it would get young people off the streets and engaged into activities. However the youth workers were struggling to get young people into the centres.

The work of Act Global supported youth leaders to gain a better understanding of the roots of youth work and how to support voluntary participation. The project included training centre staff on youth participation and how to actively promote the centre in the community.


“The training from Act Global supported our centre to develop to reflect on the mission of the youth centre and develop a strategy for engagement”

Imanaly Turkbaev:  Youth Worker – Osh Youth Centre

“During our training I learned about the aims of youth work. I now feel more confident to support our young people on their journey to adulthood”

Kulmasheva Rezjibek:  Centre Manager – Kurshab Youth Centre


More details of this project can be viewed here on our Blog Page.

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