Content Writing Workshop in Raimuna Daerah Bali XII

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Writing has been an important thing to do in the transfer of knowledge and nowadays not only for transferring knowledge purposes, writing has been part of the marketing. Due to the importance of writing and part of literacy, the committee of Raimuna Daerah (Regional) Bali XII put this workshop on the agenda. Raimuna Daerah Bali is the biggest event of Rover Scouts and Venturer Scouts which is held once in 5 years and takes place in I Gusti Ngurah Rai Campground in Margarana, Tabanan. This place is located around 1 hour’s drive from Denpasar. 

Nevy from Act Global was invited to talk about Content Writing for this event, she has been helping with our blog content for almost 2 years now. For this event, Nevy specifically talked about the content writing for organization: web content, campaign, fundraising content and social media content. There were 98 students participating in the workshop and the workshop lasted for almost 2 hours. 

The event started at 8 am. After introducing herself and Act Global shortly, Nevy asked 1 student from every contingent to introduce themselves and briefly explained their journey to go to the campground and how the experience was. After having a little bit chit chat to break the ice, Nevy started with web content material and she explained how to write a blog as follow:

  1. Make interesting opening,
  2. Using 5W + 1H formulas,
  3. For the closing, use conclusion and or CTA (call to action).

After web content material, she continued with the campaign. This is important for organizations because surely every organization has a program that sometimes they want to create awareness about. Some campaign methods that she explained were through email newsletter, electronic magazine and challenge in social media. There is an interesting benefit of each campaign’s way:

  1. Email newsletter : engage the audience better because this is more exclusive to everyone but sometimes people don’t really pay attention to the newsletter or maybe don’t even read it at all.
  2. Electronic magazine: to make an electronic magazine, it costs zero but it requires more time and effort. However if you are great at writing and designing it can look pretty great.
  3. Social media challenge: with many social media users, and people reposting and uploading, theri followers will know about the campaign and can reach more people.

And even though the organization is mostly non profit, they still need funding. So fundraising content is also important for organization. For fundraising, Nevy taught them about copywriting with the AIDA formula (attention, interest, desire and action). She also played a video of copywriting examples to show the students that by changing our words, we can change our worlds. The students understand that in order to create a good copy, we have to use words that involve more emotional feeling instead of promoting or selling. Because people like when we fulfill their needs instead of us selling them things.

The last material that Nevy delivered was social media content. Social media is such a great platform nowadays especially in Indonesia. Our netizen (internet citizen) is pretty much updated with social media, they are very active and post almost every details of their life. For social media, we can post about the organization’s programs or events, post about important days to give the followers knowledge and info, and testimonials from the organization’s members of what they learn from the organization programs. Testimonials can help people understand that your organization has been creating impacts for its members. 

To end the workshop, Nevy asked every group to write a short blog that included 5W +1H and a testimonial of joining Raimuna Daerah XII, 2022. For Nevy this experience of sharing about content writing is really amazing, she likes to write and is content to share about it.


Written by: Nevy Pangestika

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