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Denpasar, Bali, November 2014 (by Natalia Wawrinska)

Wait .. was it really two months? As the first one, this time was very intensive and interesting, full of positive stimulation and feelings.

When I asking myself what I would like to talk about too many memories are coming into my mind. So maybe the best solution will be if I start from beginning.. At Act Global I focused mainly on creating a short movies on youtube channel. First published movies scored overly 300 views during first couple of days which is a great success. I like to edit movies and make up stories and what is more I like to show them to people. It is very rewarding, especially when your get so many positive feedback from the others. Also, learning how to use new software is very motivating for myself. Looking forward next months and more possibilities to master my newly gained skills.

Traveling is the best way to get to know about culture, local customs and traditions. But thanks to Diana, we could take a part in cooking classes that she organised for whole Act Global team and also get to know more about, let call them – kitchen customs. Together with her and Stefania we started with visiting a local market where we bought all indigriends. What a fun was that! All those smells, colours, people makes this place amazing and fully alive. For the next hours, we helped Diana to prepared everything which was the most time – consuming part of the day. Ginger, tumarind and all spices needed to be grated, chicken and all veggies well sliced and coconut milk prepared and ready to use. I don’t really remember all of the names of the dishes but all of them were extremely delicious. On the top of that, for dessert, we all ate delicious black rice pudding with coconut cream. All of those you see in the pictures.

And what did you do the first time in your life in this month?

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