Country Series – Did You Know These Facts About Switzerland?

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As described in About Us, Act Global mainly focuses in three thematic areas: youth empowerment, poverty reduction, and social cohesion. However in essence, Act Global is a peace building programme aimed at developing positive cultural relation between people and nation. Therefore we create this “Country Series” to introduce some countries and make our audience aware as the cause of misunderstanding is mostly by not knowing and lack of information. In this first blog of “Country Series”, we will talk about a beautiful country in Europe, Switzerland.

Country’s Overview

Switzerland is a federal country consist of 26 cantons in Central Europe bordered by Germany to the north, France to the west, Italy to the south, Liechtenstein and Austria to the east. The name Switzerland in Latin, Confoederatio Helvetica which means Confederation of Helvetika, chosen to avoid choosing one of the four official Swiss languages ​​(German, French, Italian and Romansh). Switzerland is known as a neutral country but still has strong international cooperation. Switzerland as a federal state, its democracy is “direct”, but is represented by the Federal Assembly. This parliament elects seven people to be the “government”. All seven have ministerial status, head of departments, and one of them becomes president for one year in rotation.


After we talk about the History of Switzerland. Now, let’s explore together about its culinary. Switzerland is known for its delicious and unique culinary specialties. Swiss food has a rich taste and is sure to be liked by many people. Now I want to tell you swiss food. 

Cheese fondue

Cheese fondue is a legendary Swiss specialty. This legendary food is usually served at large meals to share with friends. Cheese fondue is a dish made of melted cheese, garlic, white wine, cornstarch, and often mixed with kirsch (cherry brandy).


Rösti is a dish of raw or undercooked potatoes mixed on bread. This dish is seasoned with coarsely grated cheese. The rösti can be mixed with beef, cheese, and shallots during the manufacturing process.

Bircher Műesli

Bircher-Benner. He believes that a diet of cereals, fruits and vegetables is better for humans than a heavy meat-based diet. Dr Maximillian Bircher-Benner creates birchműesli with a mixture of oats, nuts, fruit, lemon juice and condensed milk for patients at his sanatorium in Zurich. This dish is still enjoyed today.

Zurcher Geschnetzeltes

Zurcher Geschnetzeltes in Swiss means “Zurrich-style cut meat”. This Swiss specialty is made with beef and sometimes beef liver. The beef will be cooked with mushrooms, grapes, onions and cream.


Meringue is a food made from egg whites mixed with pastries. This food is a typical Swiss dessert that is famous all over the world. This Swiss dessert has an amazingly light and sweet taste.

Tourist Attraction

After talking about Swiss food, we want to move forward to talk about the tourist attraction in this country. Here are some must visit places when you are in Switzerland:

The Matternhorn

Matterhorn, Italian Monte Cervino, French Mont Cervin, one of the best-known mountains 14,692 feet 4,478 metres in the Alps, straddling the frontier between Switzerland and Italy, 6 miles 10 km southwest of the village of Zermatt, Switzerland.

Chateau De Chillon

Chateau De Chillion is an island castle located on Lake Geneva (Lac Léman), south of Veytaux in the canton of Vaud. It is situated at the eastern end of the lake, on the narrow shore between Montreux and Villeneuve, which gives access to the Alpine valley of the Rhône. Chillon is amongst the most visited medieval castles in Switzerland and Europe.


The Jungfraujoch is a saddle that connects the two main 4000er of the Bernese Alps: Jungfrau and Mönch. It lies at an altitude of 3,463 meters above sea level and is directly overlooked by the rocky prominence of the Sphinx.

In the next few blog post, we will talk about other countries in this “Countries Series”, stay tuned!



Written by: Nada Nadya




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