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Hastings, Leicester, Newcastle and Lerwick (Shetland), September to November 2013 (Past)

From September to November 2013 the Act Global team traveled across the UK from Hastings in South East England to Lerwick in Shetland, Scotland. We delivered a free seminar to youth workers and volunteers about how to engage with young people on the topic of climate issues. We also signposted them to available resources, funding and services to help the implementation activities in their projects. The seminar also focused on international youth activities which youth workers and young people can also engage in.

Act Global delivered 4 one-day training seminars that took place across this UK from 20th of September to the 6th of November. The events took place in Hastings, Newcastle, Leicester and Lerwick and engaged youth workers, youth work volunteers and Hip Hop Educators.

The training was delivered through the format of non-formal education and used combinations of group work activity, presentations, videos, debates and quizzes to present the content. The course centered around two subject matters. Firstly, we focused on the benefits of international education, and how the participants could utilize the opportunities, materials and resources readily available to them. Secondly, we discussed issues surrounding climate change using factual academic research as the foundation of our presentation. Some of the topics discussed included the increase of carbon in the atmosphere, IPCC and what causes climate change. Participants learnt throughout the course that carbon is measured in PPM and that currently the planet is on 400ppm whereas the best level for human condition in 350ppm.

Participants learnt about various organisations and campaigns they could be come a part of such as WWF’s Earth Hour,, People and Planet and the UK Youth Climate Coalition. The course gave the opportunity for participants to network locally but also nationally via the group Facebook page.

Further opportunities and interest for the participants arose as a result of attending this course. For example, one participant was sent to further courses in Montenegro (Business in the Balkans) and Northern Ireland (Humor is Serious Business). Also, one volunteer was sent to Azerbaijan for a 10 month EVS placement surrounding environmental issues.

In total the project engaged 88 participants (including support staff and trainers) from across the UK. The highest take up was in Newcastle with 32 participants, whereas the lowest was in Hastings with just 14. Other than Newcastle the ratio of females was greater than males in all the events.

The overall feedback was very positive with all participants saying they enjoyed the course and that they learned more about climate change. Most of the participants attending the course said they plan to do some type of activity around climate change with the young people they work with and will endeavor to join events like Earth Hour.

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