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Denpasar, Bali, January 2015 (Assil El Hassouni)


We got a movemented first month of the year, maybe it’s a sign for a movemented year ?


Ruth, one of the Indonesian volunteer for Act Global, my mentor, my grand sister ! She is really cool and we miss her, because yes ; she just left. She was here for us, new volunteers in Bali. We spent great time with her, at the office, or in party, or in dinner ! She is half Indonesian and half Dutsch. She came back in Netherlands. If you see ths blog Ruth, we miss you !

assil main 2At the same time, volunteer from Estonia and Kenya cam in Bali for a seminar about EVS. 5 Estonians and 2 Kenyan. There was also some coordinators from Macedonia and Spain.

It was nice, occasion to know more about other countries, for this we did cultural night.
What’s that ??? Every people has to present his own country. For exemple I presented the french country with Julien, I am also Morrocan and Algerian so I made a part of my presentation about the integration of Arabic people in France.

So there was presentation of Kenya, Estonia, Spain, France, Poland, Italie, Indonesia, and Bali (even if it’s not a country, doesn’t matter). Occasion to know more also about food, drink, differente place ect…


Then for the weekend we spent time to party and have fun !

Bonus : That’s the view from the office 😉

assil main



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