Design Your Life Story Workshop


, (Trisna Darma Putri)

Throughout 2020 Act Global held regular workshops and webinars online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are so excited to announce both will be back in early 2021 with different topics and speakers. Last Saturday afternoon The 20th of February, Act Global ran an online workshop program about ‘’Design Your Life Story’’ in collaboration with Bali Soul Society, a community that focused on mental health, psychological wellbeing and self- development.

This workshop aims to provide guidance about designing life to achieve the best of oneself and to learn how we could dig into design tools to increase our creativity and resolution. This workshop helps those who want to achieve their goals with complete planning. We delivered five learning topics to address these needs:

  1. Learn about yourself by assessing interests, skills, and personality.
  2. Finding motivation.
  3. Planning about a future vision.
  4. Writing a journal and how to narrate our goals.
  5. Mental health management. The afternoon started with a brief introduction topic, getting to know each other and continued with he presentation delivered by our speaker Ratih Saraswaty, from Bali Soul Society. The workshop is divided into five sessions which generated different topics to discuss, and at the end of each topic, we gave the participants individual workspaces to write and discuss with our speaker. During the first session, we explored more about who we are. We have to identify what makes us feel excited and happy to know better about ourselves. Mostly, people tend to criticize themselves more easily, that’s why talk to yourself to get to know yourself better.

The next session is about finding motivation and planning our vision. In the way of finding motivation, we must determine where our path is going, we can observe it ourselves. If it does not help, take a look at our environment which can be used as motivation. Write it down what has been achieved and not, so it needs to be improved. Then asked ourselves, ‘’have you given rewards to yourself?’’. Things that make goals unattainable aren’t because we have too many goals, but because we don’t take action. So it’s important to make a priority scale then.

Participants then worked with individual workspaces that we provided before, including several questions to answer from the topic that we discuss during each session. Here are some questions that we picked up from our workspaces:

  1. Is there a principle or value that you hold to date?
    What are the important things that make you refuse to give up?
  2. What’s your plan for the next one for five years ?

How does it work? Several attendees asked a few questions to discuss, such as: how to overcome doubts from within? Exactly doubt exists because they are too afraid to take risks, no matter how good the choice is and no matter how bad it is, there must be consequences, said Ratih Saraswaty (our speaker).

Two sessions before the workshop ended, we discussed journaling and mental health management. Writing a journal is a form of therapy, try not to write negative things too often because you can attract negative things too. Avoid writing sentences that attract negative energy such as no or don’t.
How to stay healthy?

  1. Stop trying to control what cannot be controlled,
  2. Make peace with yourself and circumstances,
  3. Focus and use your time to develop yourself,
  4. Stop comparing,
  5. Attract positive energy. Before the workshop was finished, we asked participants about how they felt after writing the journal. Is there any difference? Without realizing it, it becomes an encouragement to go on, it is okay not to write or journal as long as we keep it in our mind to achieve our goals every day.

By the end, we had an impressive experience learning how to design our life story to realize goals and dreams by using life story narratives for goals, applying for scholarships, jobs, or education degrees ,and also being able to build an authentic voice within.