Feasibility visit in Baku, Azerbaijan

Feasibility Meeting

Baku, Azerbaijan, 2nd - 4th October 2013 (Past)

In October 2013 Act Global met with the Azerbaijan Student’s Union to discuss further cooperation between our two organisations, as well as identifying what future opportunities we could provide for young people in Azerbaijan, Indonesia and the UK.

Act Global met with the ASU (Azerbaijan Student’s Union) in Baku where after three days of discussion both parties agreed to send two young people to volunteer in Baku for 10 months while also developing a partnership building activity in April 2014. The ASU expressed their interest in working together with Act Global in many areas, including exploring the possibility of creating partnerships with our Indonesian base.

ASU were perfect hosts treating the Act Global team to a local traditional meal and sharing many stories about their history and culture. Act Global will remain committed to working with the ASU and we hope to offer the opportunity for many young people from the UK to visit Azerbaijan and for Azeri young people to visit the UK.

Since this meeting took place we have sent two young people to volunteer with the ASU. To follow their activities please visit


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