EuroAsi – Free Training Courses with Act Global Bali

Training courses

Denpasar, March to December 2014 (Bali)

Update for this project: The third module (Human Resource Management) is going to start on late august in 2015. Limited spaces are still available. For more information and how to register, please email us at


Act Global is launching a full set of trainings in NGO management in Denpasar, Bali, starting from Monday the 23rd of March 2015. The training courses are part of a 23 months international project called Euro-Asi: From Europe to Asia: capitalising experience in Youth work, which involves 7 partner NGOs from Europe and Asia.

For 10 months, anyone already involved in the community groups / NGO sector or interested to set up a community organisation, will have the opportunity to benefit from Act Global expert training with 5 popular courses topics. These include management of NGO, Project Management, Human Resources Management, and Marketing as well as Financial Management.

This series of courses is intended for persons who want to create an NGO or improve their skills at managing existing ones. They can serve as staff or volunteers in the NGO sector and civil society sector. On top of the trainings, attendees will have chances to be selected for the next mobility opportunities for European Voluntary Service in Italy, Slovenia and Portugal as well as job shadowing opportunities in Malta.

The training is part of the 23 months capacity building project, which involves our international partners (5 from Europe and 2 from Asia). This project aims at sharing and disseminating best practice of youth work from Europe to Asia with objectives such as:

– to foster capacity building and innovation in the field of international youth work
– to promote tailored youth policies that recognise the importance of non-formal learning and youth mobility for personal and professional development of young
– to encourage of non-formal education and youth mobility programmes as tools to support positive development of society based of active citizenship, inclusion and democratic participation
– to provide tools to youngsters of our partner countries to get aware of the role they can play in the society
– to make the target groups understand the diversity of organizational cultures and working mentalities within European countries and partner countries encouraging mutual understanding;
– to build and/or strength partnerships between youth organizations in EU and partner countries;
– In addition, EU partners and youth involved will better understand the key role played by European Youth policies and strategies for their development, becoming more aware of the meaning of being part of Europe.

To achieve these goals we have set up a series of activities (local, international and online). They include:
– Researches, collection of data and best practices
– Trainings on different matters fundamental for the management of youth organization and to foster cooperation with public and private sector
– Short and longer accompanying periods during which trainees practice their learning
– Periods of job shadowing when trainees/youth workers visit experienced European organizations to observe the practitioners in their daily work and periods of EVS for Asian volunteers in European organizations.

All this will be complemented by a series of international meetings to plan, monitor and evaluate the project and its activities.

This event is supported by the European Commission program Erasmus+ which is coordinated by our NGO partner from Italy, Associazione TDM 2000 International. Our other NGO partners on this projects are Synergia (Portugal), TDM 2000 Malta, Kud Plac (Slovenia), One Media Boracay (Phillipine) and Associazione TDM 2000 Italy.