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Fun Run

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Renon, Denpasar, December 2019 (Public)

Act Global Fun Run and Culture Exchange is a jogging event on weekends while learning cultures. This event was held at Renon Park in Denpasar by gathering local youth people and foreigners to sharing and spending time on weekends. The purpose of this activity is to stimulate young people to aware of healthy lifestyle and be productive.

Act Global also invited the English Learning Community (ELC) from Udayana University where German and American students were studying in Indonesia. Each participant who came from different cultures and had the opportunity to speak up and share about their respective cultures.
One of the participants was the Bataknese, a person with a Batak culture from North Sumatera. She shared about the diversity of spicy traditional foods from his region and told about the history of the use of the name Marga (surname) in her culture. Others, students from America also shared stories about Thanks Giving Day as a celebration of their culture. He said it was a celebration of the harvest day, where the family would gather and eat together. Usually at these celebrations, there are always fried/grilled turkey dishes with distinctive spices.

Then after the culture sharing session, we play fun games with the aim of establishing cohesiveness with one another. Before running together around the Renon field, participants warmed up first, which was guided directly by the Actglobal team. The program starts at 4 pm and finishes around 7 pm. Some participants gave a positive response after the event was over, they looked enthusiastic hoping for the next invitation in the next activity at AG fun Run & Culture exchange.