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Girls Support Girls in Education, Economic and STEM Webinar


, (Nona Au Waling)

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the way we do things drastically, it forces us to adapt over this new reality and it compelled us to move forward and progress.  In this pandemic situation, here in Act Global we are continuing to work on creating webinars and workshops online. We simply believe, our action to create an online webinars or workshop will make changes and make the world a little bit different. So, on 27 March 2021, Act Global designed a webinar entitled “Girls Support Girls in Education, Economic, and STEM” which invites speakers from three different fields.

The purpose of organizing this webinar is to celebrate International Women’s Day and to share positive views with all Indonesian women to become the best version of themselves. Whether in the field of education, a STEM career, or be an active role in economics. This webinar idea is to help those who are in the process of realizing their goals and as space to encourage them to achieve all their dreams in the future. These webinars are mostly discussing equality for women in education fields, economic empowerment for women, working in the STEM environment as women, and also inspire every woman to keep motivated and working in the fields that they loved the most.

The webinar started with a brief event groove from start to end and continued with a discussion session between the moderator and the first speaker from the Education field, Ni Komang Ernayanti, S.IP. She is a proud Co-Founder of period project Indonesia and a group leader of AIYEP 2019-2020. 

In the first session, Erna told us how important the women’s role in education is, she also said clearly how women should stand up for gender equality. Erna said that “the role of women in the education sector in society is very important, even though there is a patriarchal culture, gender equality should be upheld. We can take an example of our feminist figure R.A. Kartini was striving for women’s education to be equals”. 

The next session was continued by different speakers who discussed the topic of economic empowerment with Ni Kadek Ayu Widari’s S.E. She is currently the project coordinator for and also a Facilitator for WomenWill Bali. During this session, she highlights and pointed out two points about gender equality, there are :

First, the patriarchal view that woman does not need to work and do the domestic work instead.

This thing prevents women from exploring their passions. Because of this view, it makes women feel a dilemma between working or taking care of the household and children.

Second, Lack of support from family and the discriminating regulation. 

What we should do now is to remove all the boundaries that limit women to improve themselves. Perhaps, every success story from women could inspire other women to be more powerful and motivated to be successful women.

Come with a provocative idea, our next speaker denied that women cannot work in the STEM field, especially coding. She also mentioned that we must break the gender stereotype in our society, because generally, jobs in STEM dominated by men, and also this goes with the male chauvinist idea. So,  Catherine Nathalia Ciomas Sutanto, The Founder of Girls Learn Code thinks everyone has the same right to learn and develop themselves in STEM, as you know that coding jobs require patience and thoroughness as women. What should we have to do is keep learning and trying to achieve our goals.

After passing the discussion sessions, we finally reach the quest and answer (QnA) session. We allow participants to give questions to the speaker, here are questions that we picked from our webinar :

1. Have you found any struggle with being a woman?

2. If there is a woman that is in a dilemma between taking care of her babies or keep working. But in the end, society eventually forced her to let go of her job? What is the best suggestion for her?

3. Why is coding important to you and why is it empowering your career as a woman?  

However, every problem requires a solution. As women, we should keep going on and do our best, even though sometimes society or family disagree about different ways to reach success. Women should be strong, empowered, and know how to choose the priority so every woman can break every bad statement that might limit themselves.

In this webinar, we can get such marvelous insight from three different speakers and their backgrounds. We can learn that women have the same chance to get a better education, career, empowering each other, and reach their dreams. Every woman has to prove that every bad statement which limits themselves couldn’t stop them to be a successful person.

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