Healthy Tips in Pandemic Era

, (Nevy Pangestika, Harun Arrasyid)

It has been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic hits the world. Act Global held an online class to spread awareness on how to maintain our health during the pandemic era. As the pandemic has been for a while now, people start to care less about their behaviour, therefore it is important for us to remind we need to remind people.

Our online class took time in June 2020 when the pandemic starts hitting, the speaker is a fitness and nutrition coach, Andri Candra. A Small changes can impact our health in a great way, especially in this pandemic era, it is something important that we need to do to stay healthy. One of the things that we can do is to improve our immunity by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle can be obtained by consuming healthy food, working out regularly, and take enough rest.

Most people think that a healthy lifestyle is hard to live by, but actually, there are some effective ways that we can apply in our daily lives, as follow:

  1. Consuming whole food (less processed food), the nutrition key to improving immunity such as: protein, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, and omega-3. Example: whole food-fruit, processed food-juice. Make sure to consume a variety of food.
  2. Keep ideal body weight, the ideal body weight according to the suggested portion, For women, one hand fist of cooked rice and a face downward of carbohydrate, and fat from one spoon of legumes. The portion for men is double of a woman.
  3. Move your body, workout can improve the body’s immunity. The proper duration is 150 minutes per week or 3 times a week.
  4. Maintain a healthy gut, consume prebiotic food such as yogurt, banana, and pickle. That food helps to improve the serotonin hormone in the gut.
  5. Good quality of sleeping, get enough sleep of 7-9 hours per day. Try to keep the phone away from you.
  6. Balance your stress, when you feel stress, balance it by doing something that you love.
  7. Keep hygienic lifestyle, a hygienic lifestyle by washing hands regularly, and clean the house and furniture with disinfectant.

To merge with the audience, this online class held Q&A session, here are the summary of the Q&A session:

What kind of activity should I do to make my workout could be regularly?

I think you can start with an easy one, start with 15 minutes work out perhaps, and you can use the internet to find out what is the best work out you can do at home, another tips: Use a sports shirt before you go to bed to remind yourself to work out.

My body weight seems to be ideal, but I see myself as a fat person, how does that happen?

Lots of factors, it could be your muscle mass is low but your fat level is high. The solution is I think, you have to follow resistance training such as body weight, lifting, and the right amount of daily nutrition.

I love running, and sometimes I do the 50 km, if my goal is to raise my muscle mass, do I have to limit my running or how?

Do you want to increase your muscle mass? you should do the lifting, 3 or 4 times a week and ensuring adequate nutrition could be the answer.

What types of fat should be avoided in order to lose weight?

We need all kinds of nutrients we need, but put this on your mind, what causes weight loss is a calories deficit. So, perhaps you can use the eating method as described above.

How to calculate a balanced body weight:

Body circumference represents more fat in the body, it can be used The seam meter, can be from the neck, the chest circumference, stomach, hips, calf, and arms.

If the time to sleep at midnight, but still sleep 8 hours, how does this impact my health?

It depends, if something changes with your eating pattern, it perhaps affects you.

Is it recommended to take diet pills?

Diet pills or supplements only affect 5 percent. While the most influential thing to a successful diet is a calorie deficit

Tips so you can do fitness movements at home

You can do squad, pushup, and other light activities.

How to manage stress?

Do positive activities such as do your favorite hobby.

Is sports at night safe or not?

It’s okay, as long as it doesn’t affect your sleeping time.

The speaker leaves his website at: for more information and also you can download the Free e-books on the website.

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