Hello from a Macedonian in Bali!

Volunteers blog

Bali, Indonesia, April. 2015 (Dimitar Taseski)

Hi! My name is Dimitar, I’m from Macedonia. I have to say that these past 4 weeks here were incredible. I’m really having a great time, I met a lot of great people from another countries, we shared our cultures, I even learned few words from their native language and I teach them some words of mine. I love the part when we are all working and we are concentrated in the thing we do and in the next moment someone tells a joke and we are all laughing about it. 11288419_10206749265831941_1487049017_o

Also, I learned a lot of the culture in these place, the people an their traditions, I love the food. The taste is incredible, it has a very particular taste, it’s not similar to anything I have tried before. I had never been to a place with so many different smells: the aroma of freshly ground spices, exotic fruit and vegetables, seafood and meat…  I practically feel like I am in heaven, the nature here is the most incredible thing I have ever seen.

I also have been in a lot of unusual places that I haven’t had the chance to see. Of all the places I especially enjoy the beach, the sea, I just stare at it for hours.

The night life is mind-blowing, I love the drinks, the night clubs are places were you can literally have the best time in your life. I also enjoy the presentations,  and the people whom I work with are all serious in their work, we are all excited about the project and we give our best shots.

Everyday I get up more motivated than yesterday, thinking that I make a change for these people. The thing I adore is to learn Bahasa, that is the native language here. All my friends who know where am I an what I am doing here are asking me if they can also come the next year and be part of this. And I say that if they can, It’s a life-time chance.

When this project finishes, I know I’ll miss it.  For that, I hope the days will past slower, I would like to enjoy this beauty a little bit longer.