How Can You Make Your CV Stand Out According to HR?

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Are you a fresh graduate looking for a new job? You want to find a perfect job opportunity that suits your interest and requirements that you really want? But you don’t know how to make a good CV to ensure a call back? Yes, that is a problem that most of us have experienced. 

When it comes to writing a good CV, most of us have no clue on where to even start. But what exactly is a CV? CV is an abbreviation of Curriculum Vitae, a document that shows your background, experience, as well as your profile. When applying for a job, it is something that every company will ask from you and check before deciding if you will be called for an interview. So how exactly do we write a good CV?

On the 5th of November 2022, Act Global held a Program Belajar/Study Program called “How to Make a CV that will interest HRD” with Ms Nahya Qisthi. Ms Nahya is a talent acquisition and also a HR enthusiast. The reason why we made this program is because we know the importance of writing a good CV to ensure that the company we are applying for will take interest in us. In this program, Ms Nahya shared with us some tips and tricks on how to write a good CV.

Up to 30 people enthusiastically gathered during this session and there was also a short Q&A session where participants were able to ask more about how to write a good CV. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts while creating a CV.


  • Use a font that is easy to read such as Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial,
  • The font size should be around 10-12 pt,
  • List your educational background and other experiences in a reverse chronological order (from newest to oldest),
  • Use a strong verb while writing the description such as: implementing, leading, operating, organize, increase, etc,
  • Proofread your CV, make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors,
  • Make sure your CV are made according to the company’s requirement.


  • Do not write information that is irrelevant to the job,
  • Do not write information that contains someone’s or your own private matters,
  • Do not write a description that is too long and too general,
  • Do not write information that is invalid or false,
  • Do not write an objective information without explanation,
  • Do not use a creative format that is difficult to understand,
  • Do not write more than 3 pages of CV,
  • DO not use the same CV for different job applications.

Other than the do’s and don’ts in writing a CV, Ms Nahya also shared with us what to prepare before writing a CV:

  • Do some research on the internet about the company’s profile, the job description, and job specifications.
  • Look at your profile and think about what experience and skills that you have right now.
  • Select the important skills and experience that is required by the job and put it in the CV.

Other than that, you should ask yourself and answer these questions:

  • What type of person are you? 
  • What academic background do you have?
  • What skills do you java? Think about your hard skills and soft skills.
  • What type of job do you want to apply for?
  • What type of person will be suitable for this position?

Overall I personally think that through this Program with Ms Nahya I learned a lot on tips and tricks on how to write a good CV and it is very useful for those of us who are currently job hunting or about to graduate.  


Written by: Jasmine Priscilla Kho

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