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Singapore | Bali, April 2015 (Emanuele Didu)

April was a particular month.
The month begun with the return from Visa renewal trip in Singapore and with my birthday, which was celebrated in Singapore with a good bottle whiskey lovely given as gift by Susy, Julien, Stefania and Natalia , followed – once back to Bali – by a nice cake kindly offered by Act Global. Once we got back, we finally met the new volunteers, our new housemates, with whom we are going to share 3 months of this experience. It was nice to feel their energy and see the excitement in their eyes, which reminded me of my mindset when I arrived in Bali.

A few days after they arrived, we played some city games and we started to get to know each other spending a couple of nights out and my first all-you-can-eat\drink night at SkyGarden, a well-known club located in Kuta. Clubbing is not really my thing but it was nice to spend the time all together and was really a pleasure to taste some beef and having some extra drinks after 7 months of forced abstinence.
The rest of the days have been quite flat, and an everlasting infection in my toe forced me – and Susy, my unlucky life partner – to stay away from the beach for almost the whole month. We had also planned a trip to Yogyakarta but a bit because of the infection, a bit because of the bad weather, finally we didn’t go almost anywhere beside the CouchSurfing meetings. On the other hand, a couple of days later we found out that the Yogyakarta was heavily flooded and some people died, therefore we were pretty lucky not to be there during the catastrophe.
And anyhow, I didn’t lose heart.

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