CSII - Community Seniors

Intergenerational Talk: The power of communication and a smile.

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One of the projects of Act Global is Community: Seniors Involved – International” (CSII), which aims to create a special program in which youth workers would include seniors in their work with youth (or youth would join the activities in the seniors’ centers). This way, the youth would get a chance to learn from, foster empathy towards, and deepen their understanding of the older generations. The elderly, on the other hand, would be able to spend their time more purposefully and learn from the younger generation.

We were honored to meet Mrs. Sri Sumahardani, whose full name is Ni Ketut Sri Sumahardani, was an alumni of STIE Abi Surabaya. She worked as a banking professional for 4 years at BCA and over 25 years at BRI in various capacities. She approached every assignment with an artistic mindset. She went on to become a Service, Sales, Communication, Great Personality, and Motivational Trainer as a result of that experience.

BPR Gianyar was instructed in “Good Communication for Good Performance” by Mrs. Sri Sumahardani. Picture of Inspiring Women 2016, Best Trainee Funding Officer BRI 2004, Best Teller BRI Regional BALI NUSRA 2002, and First Winner BINTANG RADIO TELEVISION (BRTV) Bali TV 1990s were one of the awards she earned on April 9th, 2016. She was called The Witch’s Smile Service (3SP) Service Excellence Expert Method after that.

Mrs. Sri, who works at the Denpasar Branch Office, Gatot Subroto, as an Assistant Manager of BRI Funds Marketing, has always approached her profession with an artistic mindset. Sri has often been a pioneer in practically everything due to her various innovations and creative ideas. Whenever a new position becomes available, Sri is the one delegated to it.

These two essential points, she said, have to be recalled. It was about how to be a good leader who could be self-sufficient while yet being innovative. She recognized that the company should be able to build something unique. She stated that if we want to be the first to build new things, we have to be wise leaders.

With art, Putu Windania Trisna Dewi and Made Benny’s mother can enjoy any type of career she does, although having a different background than before. It’s not much different now that she’s carrying out her responsibilities than it was when she was distributing her passion in the arts. Every time he met with a client, she could put her communication and persuasion abilities to use. She had a way with words that were both measured and meaningful. She was sincere in her profession.

One of the cornerstones to corporate success is customer service. Almost all firms consider service to be the spearhead of their operations. These service concerns were highlighted at the “Tie Break #2 with Sri Sumahardani & Book Launch” event held at the Neo Hotel in Denpasar on Tuesday, October 10th. Appreciation for Sri Sumahardani Academy’s clients over the previous year, as well as invitations to outings for over 125 companies/agencies that have collaborated in HR development in the form of IHT, workshops, seminars, and consultation.

Eko Juriarto, the Director of Sri Sumahardani Academy, said “Tie Break” was an annual event titled after the sport of tennis, which is compared to the second set of final determination in achieving a goal in the business world. Mrs. Sri Sumahardani is a popular lecturer who is both enthusiastic and humble. She was able to distill complicated subjects into a simple and appealing success formula based on her extensive knowledge and flight hours.

Dhanis Art In-Service in Weekly Figures, a woman who was born in Singaraja on September 4, 1969, who is currently classified as a public speaker, lecturer, consultant, and writer on service theory and its implementation, has successfully launched her book, Service A La Carte. She talked about how to start the day with a grin in her book. A smile is a natural reflecting movement and a curve that helps to solve a variety of issues.

Mrs. Sri Sumahardani stated that readers do not have to begin reading her book at the beginning or on the first page. Read what is important and relevant to our current situation, though. She added that ordering an A la Carte menu, exactly like in a restaurant, means that only what is ordered is served.

The Service book “A La Carte,” can be a reference if we talk about service, given the scarcity of books that discuss this customer support or service, and it can also be useful and contribute to the sustainability of those who read it, she said, adding that she hopes that all business developments in Bali will be even greater because, in the end, everything is about services.