Jalan Jalan ke Artistik Plastik

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Denpasar, Bali, February 2015 (Julien Goalabré)

This month has been a strong focus on researching artists who could be involved in TrashStock event. So along with my “partner in crime”, the infamous Hendra Arimbawa, we have visited some artists both virtually and face to face. There are indeed many talents who are committed to tackle the Balinese plastic issue, and in the ambitious attempt to unit them

 Artistik Community Building

I had the chance to be introduced to Made Bayak, who create great art with plastic and who strives to inspire kids to be creative with that material through the “plasticology” workshops he is running in schools. He will be the head of the exhibition and his main TrashStock project of building a 2.5m version of the mythological creature below using plastic is going to be amazing !












We also visited Dodit ARTAWAN who we hope will be part of the project as his popularity and amazing artwork that looks more like photography than painting would do great good !


I also started to shoot my own contribution to the exhibition.










On the music side, we hope to be able to contract Navicula, or at the very least the leader’s solo project. Talking to him was greatly inspiring as he has a lot of passion for the plastic topic. Along with his amazing permaculture farm project, he’s is definitely an artist committed to the preservation of Bali land.










While we talk about garden, what are the news in Anggrek’s house little patch that I presented in last month’s blog?

Slowly but surely

The basil is doing good, with a slow but constant grow8.

The turmeric is pretty good as well! I dug some and grated it and the next generation is growing well. Turmeric is a cousin of ginger and has various uses, and all are almost saving the humanity! Cancer prevention, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, “improved brain function and a lower risk of brain disease as narrated by local foodie magazine “Let’sEat


Just planted some ginger too so let’s see where that goes.

February was Valentine’s day as well so some shaping has been done to one of the plants. Don’t worry the stern is very flexible so no harm. It’s even flowering now! Big Love to everyone single or not!