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Living Senior Life Productively

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According to Statistics Indonesia, the number of elderly people in Indonesia is expected to increase by around 10 percent by 2020 and around 20 percent by 2024. As a person ages, they generally become less productive and experience a decline in or even a loss of income. This situation creates vulnerability to various risks and shocks, particularly of a socioeconomic nature. But in such conditions. Some people can overcome the struggle of the elderly.

In the CSII project, the Act Global team met Mr. Harsono, an energetic senior who was born in 1953 (68 years old). He is from Sragen, Central Java. His life’s ups and downs turned him into a tough man. When he was young, he worked as an honorary employee for the regional government, but he felt that the salary was not enough to cover the daily expenses and he decided to resign and he changed his profession as a bus driver.

In 2002 after the Bali bombing, he decided to move to Bali. He started his warung (small restaurant). According to him, it’s normal for us to move to a new place during hard times. He always moves forward in his life, even its hard.

Mr. Harsono is passionate about plants, he also cultivating plants while running his business. He cultivates ornamental plants and turns them into a hobby. Some of his plants are sold at fantastic prices, such as bonsai. He said that ornamental plants exude an aura that beautifies our home. Mr. Harsono use to wake up at 5 AM and goes to sleep at midnight, it helps him to stay productive and energized.

Even though in his old age, Mr. Harsono still has dreams which are to buy a house and land. He said that the youth have to have goals and move forward. He is a productive person and enjoys his senior life.

Hopefully, Mr. Harsono’s story inspires other seniors to have the motivation to live senior life productively.

Watch our full interview video with Mr.Harsono on Youtube.

Asa Onsai ( Interviewer, Writer) Agnes Irawati ( Writer, Videographer) Nevy Pangestika (Translator)