Meet the Team


Sebastian has over 10 years experience in the youth and community sector, not only in the UK, but also in India, Indonesia, and Gambia. He has also worked in cultural relations. developing cross-curricular education projects with Africa, Asia, and South America. Sebastian has project managed a number of large-scale projects for international clients such as the Welsh Government, UNICEF, and the European Commission. Trained at De Montfort University, his passions are Development Education, Citizenship and Sustainable Development.


Aini is an experienced project manager who has worked in various industries including stock exchange, logistics, and website development. After establishing her own web design company in 2005 she began collaborating with many charity and voluntary organizations. Her passion for travel inspired her to create international opportunities available to young people from all over the world, particularly those from ethnic minority groups and underprivileged backgrounds. In 2011, Aini co-founded Act Global CIC in the UK and has since been project managing Act Global’s international events all over the world.


Andrew has over 16 years of experience managing a young people’s charity in Hastings (UK). Within this role, he has delivered and facilitated a wide range of workshops and seminars for young people, which have lead to both regional and national guidelines in good practice and innovation. Andrew is a student of Applied Social Science, a lecturer at Brighton University, and a local Councillor for Hasting Borough Council. His interests are in the areas such as engaging young people as active citizens, working with them to develop sustainable projects that meet the need of the community as well as areas of mental health, self-harm, and sexual health.


Alena has been working with international coaching, project development, and implementation in non-profit and business sectors in Russia, Europe, and Asia since 2007. Having a background and practical experience in psychology, training methodology, and intercultural communication, she contributes with a creative approach and innovative ideas to the development and growth of individuals and organizations. Using interactive, non-formal methods and techniques she is happy to inspire and motivate. She strongly believes in the inner potential of each individual and each training and project helps bring it from the inside out.


Andy is a reflective practitioner with decades of experience working in formal, non-formal, and informal education settings. A successful career qualified in youth work in NGO and statutory settings, allied to development work in formal school, college, and higher education settings, Andy is highly skilled in roles and all aspects of levels ranging from face to face work with young people through to strategic management and consulting work in the sector. With rich experience and qualifications in assessment and verification of youth work allied to auditing and mentoring, he is passionate about youth work and the pursuit of quality training of the next generation of youth workers.


Andreea has worked in the NGO sector since 2005, managing various training and youth projects. She has an educational background in management, human resources, and pedagogy. Andreea now works as a trainer and consultant on project planning and management. Her main interests include organizational development, conflict resolution, and creativity. She is a strong supporter of social businesses that create sustainable development in local communities, which is why she teamed up with Act Global.



Kristian has over 5 years of experience working in education and with young people. He studied English Literature at Northumbria University and graduated in 2013 with a passion for travel and non-profit education. Kristian has studied and worked in the USA and has been involved in various youth projects across Europe. With Act Global, Kristian aims to aid in creating more opportunities available to young people and to promote the importance of international development.



Tria started joining Act Global in 2012 and has been involved in coordinating the local projects in Bali. She works closely with management teams, partnerships, and social media. Tria also works as an independent writer – her writing can be found in the book “We Indonesians Rule” (2014). She has over 10 years of experience working in media. She studied Broadcasting at Sebelas Maret University and is interested in creative projects. She also supported Act Global’s partner’s projects abroad such as Intercultural Communication in Romania, Green Entrepreneurship in Slovenia, and (I)immigrant + Action= Global Reaction in Madrid, Spain, and in Berlin, Germany.



Hermanto was born and raised in Jakarta, studied at Bina Nusantara University majoring in Computer Science, and graduated in 2006. Started a serious career in game development for SLAB in 2010. He has made several games on the International and National scale. In 2012 he moved to Bali and still actively making games. Hermanto is also involved in Erasmus+ projects, such as Green Entrepreneurship and (I)migration + Action = Global Reaction. Hermanto joined Act Global in 2016. He has been involved in coordinating local projects in Bali and technical aspects i.e. website in Act Global.


Pudak Sari

Pudak is an expert in digital marketing covering a wide range of content strategy, copywriting, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email marketing, and application development. She has several interest in entrepreneurs, technology and runs her own business called Smookah. She is also an active university student of STMIK Primakara Bali majoring in Computer Science. She started to be a volunteer in the local photography community from the age of 18 and joined Act Global in 2020.

Nevy Pangestika

Nevy has been volunteering for Act Global since 2019. Currently, she is working in the writing industry and has been actively learning digital marketing. She was active in several committees with different roles during her education. Her passion is getting involved with languages and cultures, self-development, the environment, and women’s empowerment. She joined Bali Local Guides Community and has been actively contributing for Google Local Guide since 2018. She believes that everyone is brilliant in their own way.


Harun Arrasyid

Harun Arrasyid comes with an idea that anybody could be anything they want to be. He is currently an active writer at some citizen journalism media. He is interested in Social work and volunteering. He is one of the initiators of a social project in his hometown called Gatag Foundation ( He has been actively following the Act Global activities since 2018 and was involved in a six months project called Youth Network for Social Entrepreneurship in Braga, Portugal. Currently, he is supporting the Act Global team as an assistant of Web and Translation.

Asa Onsai

Asa Onsai was born and raised in North Sumatra. After high school, she left home to study in Bali in 2016. She has experience as a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) staff at the International Monetary Fund-World Bank Group Annual meetings (IMF-WBG 2018). Besides, she is an active volunteer in a non-profit organization. Since she was a child, she has been fond of the arts and joined several performances in art activities, such as choir group and guitarist at the concert event. This simple-looking girl likes children, she loved volunteering activities to teach children in Bali. Also, she is a lover of animals and plants.


Kurnia Wardani Miftha

Kurnia Wardani joined Act Global in 2021, she has been involved in coordinating the communications division. She has a great interest in content design and writing. Creating a graphic design for social media was her enjoyment. She has started making stories on Wattpad, poetries, and articles on her blog. Kurnia Wardani studied Chemistry at Udayana University, she frequently devoted her time to self-improvement activities such as joining volunteering, social projects, and experimental science.


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