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Bali, Indonesia , March 2014 (Rocio )

In Spain, I finished my studies on “Social Education” Degree, and as I knew that I wanted to work with children and young people I applied to study a Master Degree called “Crime and social intervention with children”. After that, I worked in a neighborhood with needs of social transformation as instructor of educational support, street educator with young people and animator in a programme where we worked with families that ned strategics to improve their relations. Then, I worked in an orphanage for 5 months and there I meet kids and mates who teacher me a lot, and made me a better educator.

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It seems that my destiny was leaving all those thing for a time and coming to Bali. When I think about I have been living here for three weeks, all the the thing I’ve learnt, the places I’ve discovered, the people I’ve met… I can’t avoid asking myself…How many wonderful things are waiting to be found in these months of EVS.

Food: One of my fears when I thought about coming to Bali it was the food…but surprisingly, I’m doing here what I have never done, I’m trying a lot of different meals, and I’m enjoying a lot this food. Many fruits, different tastes, colours and a lot of chili, everywhere, rice and chili.

Weather: In Bali we have tropical climate so there are two seasons: Rainy season, from October till March and Dry season, from April till the end of September. Both seasons are quite warm, so it’s very hot right now but we can’t go to the beach  often because it’s quite bad, almost cloudy and rainy, sometimes we are lucky and we have a little of sun.

Banjar: Our Banjar has invited us to participate on the activities they organise, Balinese dance classes for girls, music classes for boys, ceremonies,… They are teaching us a lot of things and we feel very fortunate to have their collaboration

Ceremonies: Last Tuesday we had the chance to go to a first birthday ceremony in Ibusindi’s hometown (she is a very good cooker and she is the responsible to dress us up with our Balinese costumes, because we don’t know how to do it J)  This is a very  special ceremony for Balinese people with many offerings, traditions and, of course, food.

Job: We are creating our own projects and we have started looking for the schools, orphanages and banjars in our area to find centers interested on working with us.

Alp, Diana and me, spent two days visiting different places, most of them very happy to work with us, and in one of the elementary school that we visited children really loved us, they wanted to touch us and even they asked us to sign their notebook, crazy experience!

At office time, we have many things to do, creating new  projects need a lot time, reflection and concentration.

Sorry for my English..It’s one of the things that I’m improving here. I will tell you more things next month J

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