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Denpasar, Bali, October 2014 (by Natalia Wyrwinska)

Who I am?

My name is Natalia and I come from Poland. I am 30 years old.I was born in the southern part of Poland, in small town called Kepno. Then I moved and studied in Wroclaw and in total I spent 8 years in a beautiful capital of Lower Silesia. After that period I moved to Warsaw to check on my own skin why all people who are outside of Warsaw, hate it so much 🙂

What did I do in Poland?

I graduated from psycholgy. Most of my „professional life” I spent in recruitment agancies working as a headhunter for IT industry.

For a while I was also a member of ngo – Unesco Initiative Centre. Thanks to that I got involved in several Youth in Action programmes in Slovenia, Serbia or Czech Republic. That made me more familiar with third sector and idea of volunteering.

Why I decieded to come here?

For 6 years, after my graduation, I focused mainly on my professinal „career”. But did not forget about volunteering. One sunny day I saw this advertisment which was saying something about EVS and volunteering in Bali. I sent my application very quickly although this was not perfect timing at work and in my life (I was about to take off my braces – 4 months left). But yeah, I did sent this application and went through four different recruitment stages. After every one of them I was telling to myself I am too old for that, I should buy my own apartment and focus on my professional career etc. Well, I was not very persuasive ..

What will I do at Act Gobal?

I believe that key to solve all the problems in this Earth is a proper education. So at Act Global I would like to focus on eductional area. Also, I want to support an organisation with social media activities (especially with editing video and managing channel).

Where do I stay in Bali?

Together with Stefania, Julien and Chachan we live in a house located nearby our office, in area called Gang Anggrek,in a lively heart of Indoensia – Denpasar. What is more interesting, we are only bule (bule is a name in Indonesian for foreigners) in this area which make people even more interested in us. This brings us little bit closer to local culture and customs.

Other volunteers live in another house whcih is called Futsal house, about 25 minutes from our place

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