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Presentation Skills Workshop: Gain Your Courage in Public Speaking


Rumah Pintar, Denpasar, 3rd November 2018 (Mening Lestari)

On 3rd of November 2018, Act Global held a Presentation Skills Workshop at UPT Rumah Pintar,  Denpasar. This workshop was intended for students from senior high schools and universities in Bali to improve their skills in presenting their materials in front of audiences. In Presentation Skills Workshop, Act Global invited Ni Made Siska Anykasari, S. Ft as a speaker. She is a lecturer and master of ceremony of many events. She also an entrepreneur in pastry business called Moon’s Pastry Bali.

This workshop was started by get to know every participant’s issues in presentation. This activity was aimed to how to solve their issues in both making presentation and presenting it. Then, the participants were introduced of ‘What is Presentation’. This session explained about presentation styles and how to arrange presentation.

The next activity discussing how to do presentation. They got to know that every event has different presentation styles. The speaker also talked about how to make ideal gesture, mimic, and speaking styles in different events. To improve participant’s skill in speaking, the following activity explored their abilities to express something on point. In this activity, they had to connect one sentence from previous participants continuously into one paragraph. Thus the participants could identify their issues in public speaking and how to solve it.

Every participant was given one type of event they will do the presentation and practiced it in front of audiences. This activity was designed to gain every participant’s courage and improve their gesture and mimic in presentation.

The content of Siska’s presentation was very helpful to the participants. We have summarised the content of the workshop below :

1. Plan. Make a list of important points or, as you get better at public speaking, try to memorize what you’re going to say – you can still refer back to your notes when you need them.

2. Positive thinking can make a huge difference to the success of your communication, because it helps you feel more confident.

3. Pay Attention to Body Language.Stand up straight, take deep breaths, Don’t use gestures that feel unnatural.

4. When you speak, try to engage your audience. This makes you feel less isolated as a speaker and keeps everyone involved with your message.

5. There’s a good reason that we say, “Practice makes perfect!” You simply cannot be a confident, compelling speaker without practice.

Written by Mening Lestari

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