Press Release: Social Media Literacy for Women’s Rights

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Social Media Literacy for Women’s Rights is a project that is socio-educational, with the goal of strengthening the capacity and awareness of organizations working in the field of gender equality. Its primary goals are to enhance the capacity of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to use social media and open educational resources and our very primary notion of creating these open educational resources is even more useful because we believe gathering members from South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, to be a critical component because this means we will be able to share knowledge, learn and grow, network, and discuss best practices.


The partners for this project are Spain as an applicant, Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Cape Verde, Thailand, Dominican Republic, and Indonesia. We have conducted a previous meeting. Our very first meeting happened in Madrid, Spain in 2019. It was our first coordination meeting on behalf of this project. We talked about the creation of the management board for the project. Participants from all project countries discussed the formation of the project’s management board, the adoption of the activity schedule, the definition of tasks and responsibilities, the development of a dissemination and procurement plan, the development of a visibility plan, and the beginning of online visibility activities on social media.

Our second meeting happened in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 2021. In this meeting, we would like to get some information on state institutions working with women’s rights and especially with the women’s rights of Haitian descendants. We also visited MUDHA offices and round tables with victims of different forms us violence, had a conversation with the local organization, and visited a safe house. Our third meeting is in Bangkok, Thailand in May of 2022, the aim of this meeting is to increase the knowledge, and strengthen the skill and abilities in the area of gender equality and social media literacy. Our fourth and fifth meetings are held in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Bali in Indonesia. In these two agendas, we will manage to create training for trainers “Social media literacy #womanrights” and a Workshop on the development of open educational resources. And our final meeting will happen in Madrid Spain as we will create a job shadowing called “Woman connected”.

As the project is still ongoing, we would like to release a video concerning the issue of violence against women. As part of the campaign for social media literacy for women’s rights, we hope this piece of the video finds its audience and shares the importance of eradicating violence against women or girls around the world. And as this issue has been a global crisis, it is very devastating that we still see this problem happen to women and girls around the world. That is why our act matters. And as simple as voicing out this issue to the public community, we wish no other women and girls can become the victim anymore.

So, here is the first video of our campaign for social media literacy for women’s rights.

Please share the video with all your family and colleagues. Say No! Stop violence against the women.

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