Programming Workshop For Beginners


Rumah Pintar, Denpasar, Bali, 16th May 2019 (Nevy Pangestika)

Act Global is an organization that focuses on three thematic areas: youth empowerment, poverty reduction, and social cohesion. On May 18th, 2019, we managed to handle a programming workshop for beginners in order to help the youth who are interested in coding or computer science to learn more about it as probably a lot of people actually interested but don’t know how to start and learning all alone is too difficult. Our target was beginners with no prior programming experience or students in non-STEM fields. This workshop mentored by Hermanto from the game developer, Slab Games.

We shared basic programming skills to use in studies or workplace. The curriculum covered basic programming skills concepts such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS and React. The participants brought their own laptops, then we helped them to install the software and demonstrated how to run it.

In this millennium era, learning programming is important because our world now is filled with computers. And they speak a computer code language, that’s what they all have in common.  So understanding computer code is the best skill we can learn these days in terms of improving our career. Not only open many doors in our lives but also learning programming can help us to communicate better, becoming more creative, also improving our problem solving and thinking.

We also can create our own website. If we want to start a career in technology, having a website is a must. The website is our business card for the world to see. It is also the best way to showcase our skills to potential employers in the future. Other things that we can do using a website is to sell our products and services worldwide or create a website with a specific topic to generate traffic and earn ad income. By knowing some basic HTML and CSS we can save our saving to share information and promote our products and services to a large audience because all it takes is a web hosting and basic web programming.

Learning programming can help us to become self-employed and starting our own business. Because knowing how to code gives us a lot of opportunities to start our own business, such as: establishing an online shop, creating an online publication, starting a web agency, reviewing products in our website and earn ad income, or offering coding courses. There are endless options based on our excel as well.

Another benefit that we can enjoy is that we can work remotely, it gives us so much freedom and flexibility. We can do freelancing, start our own business, or work part-time as a developer. It might sounds excessive, but learning programming is like insurance against unemployment in the future.  So it’s pretty important for the youth to learn more about programming and digital world because technology development will continue to grow and require programs as the basic knowledge.

During our workshop, we learned more about web programming with only 9 participants as we hope to be more conducive. We hope that we can empower the youth with our workshop and we can organize another workshop in the future.

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