Radioactive Start-up Seminar

Start up seminar

Leeds and London, UK, 21-28 January 2013 ()

Early in the year, Act Global team from Indonesia visited Leeds in England for a start up seminar on a project called Radio Active, this meeting was put together by the organisation Everything’s Possible.  The meeting brought together 5 countries Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Indonesia and the UK, The Philippines is also a part of the project but were unable to attend that meeting.

The meeting looked at creating a global radio project where each country would be asked to develop their-own activities with young people. The idea was that young people would get the chance to develop media skills, work with radio and create a final product. It was also agreed that the final showcase of the project would be hosted in by Act Global in Bali, Indonesia.

During the groups time in the UK as well as discussing the project there were opportunities to do some visits. As a group we visited the National Media Museum in Bradford and a local radio station Bradford Community Radio where we learned more about community radio. The group was also brought to London for a couple of days where we created a programme with Aculco Radio in Brixton, London and had a guided tour of the BBC studios. The project finished with a visit to the London show Circus Cirque de Soleil.

The Everything is Possible created a Blogspot website for all of the partners to upload the project they will develop. This can be seen on Follow this site to see what each country created.

Here is a short video about our seminar:

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