RadioActive EVS in Bali, Indonesia

Volunteer Service

Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, 1st August to 30th September (1 month per placement) (Closed)

This project has given 8 volunteers from Italy and the UK a chance to volunteer for 1 month in Bali, Indonesia. The project will take place at two different times, first in August and the second in September. During the project volunteers will be asked to make a video and a podcast about a social issue of their choosing. This will then be uploaded to Act Global’s social media outlets as well as though our partner’s website.


This project came about as a result of a long-term project entitled ‘Radioactive’ lead by UK based charity Everything is Possible. The project brought 6 countries together who all make workshops around media in there own countries with local young people. In Indonesia, Act Global focused our topic around Hip-Hop Education and worked with local partners FBI Radio. Follow this post (Hip-Hop Workshops) to read further details on the project.

This newer project invited volunteers to the island of Bali in Indonesia to carry on the legacy of the Radioactive project. This time however we want volunteers to focus on two tasks. The first will be the creation of a video and the second will be to create a podcast. The last project focused on Hip-Hop education, however this project will be open for volunteers to discuss any social issue they want to discuss. Volunteers will be given the equipment to create the project and will work with local volunteers.

Once this project has concluded we will be posting all the results and activities here.



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