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Recall the Past : A CSII Project

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On Saturday, March 12th, 2022 we invite seniors and juniors to play together, in a themed activity. This activity is part of the project of Community: Seniors Involved – International (CSII). The idea of this activity was to play games that were popular at the time of each generation, in Bekasi. This program serves as a medium for each generation who has a different age to play together, strengthen relationships, share perspectives, and reminisce about old and current games.

Five people agreed to take part in this activity, each of which represented a different generation. These people are Mr. Suefong who is 60 years old representing the Boomers generation, Mrs. Mersi who is 43 years old representing Generation X, Mrs.Putri who is 26 years old representing Millennials, and Mr. Jonathan who is 9 years old represents the early Generation Z.

As we know in the era of globalization and modernization, everything develops rapidly and the changes cannot be stopped. This causes a generation gap between the older generation and the younger generation, the differences that exist are like a value, taste, and point of view. These differences create a lack of communication and understanding between generations, this case is often found in families who have very different age backgrounds. which results in a lack of communication between family members, differences in values, and points of view on things.

So to overcome this issue, Act Global organized a program of joint activities named: “Recalled the Past.” This activity aims to engage and create closer relationships between seniors and juniors and it could become a medium for mutual understanding among them. This organization is assisted by Nataria Miracle who represents Generation Z from Bekasi and comes from families with very different backgrounds. Nataria focused on forgings closer bonds between seniors and youth.

Hera is activities that we do in Recall the Past :

Play together


Congklak is an ancient Indonesian traditional game, which has many different names for each region, such as congkak, dakon, dhakonan, while in the Sulawesi area, this game is known as Maggaleceng. This game can be played by boys or girls, and requires 2 people to play it, the one who collects the most number of seeds in their hole will win the game. Because it can only be played by two people, so we divided it into several sessions. The first session that played was Mrs. Mersi and Mrs. Putri. While the second session played Mrs. Nataria with Mr. Jonathan. Because Mr. Suefong doesn’t understand how to play the game, he just observes it.


Engklek is a traditional game that is played on a field in the form of a picture of eight squares and one picture of a mountain. This game was originally popular among girls during the Dutch colonial period until now, although some children today do not know the engklek game.

This game requires a minimum of two people to play it. So we are all here to play, from all generations understand how the game is played except Mr. Jonathan which is the newest generation Z. So we taught him how to play and he ended up playing along.

Kelereng (marbles) or Guli

Kelereng is glass balls that can be played in various ways, one of which is to make a circle on a flat plane and then fill it with lots of kelereng. Then players will compete to remove as many kelereng in a circle as possible by flicking them. In this game played by Mrs. Nataria, Mr. Jonathan, and Mr. Suefong

Comparing old games with today’s


According to Mrs. Mersi, who represents Generation X, the doll games in her era were sarong dolls, using a sarong. She said that at that time the barbie doll had entered but the price was very expensive, so small children at that time used a sarong as a doll.

Meanwhile, according to Mrs. Putri who represent the millennial generation, she said that at that time there was also a Barbie doll, but it was not very popular compared to the Bp doll (boneka Bongkar Pasang), the reason being that Bp dolls (boneka Bongkar Pasang), were cheaper and easy to find.

Different from the two previous generations. Mrs. Nataria who represents Generation Z, said that in her era that is now, Barbie dolls are easier to find and the price is not as expensive as before. And she also admitted that she never knew the sarong doll before and Bp dolls are also currently hard to find now.

Smartphone VS Gembot

Today’s children, especially men, really like games on smartphones, for example, Mobile legend. This is recognized by Jonathan who is the latest Generation Z. Meanwhile, Mr. Suefong, who represents the boomer generation, said that at that time, children preferred outdoor games, and one game that was very popular in his era was shaped like a smartphone was Gembot.

Toy Car

Mr. Suefong, who represents the boomer generation, shared a story that when he was a child. If he wanted to play with toy cars, he made his own from used bottles or banana stems because toy cars were expensive at that time.
While Jonathan, who represents the latest Generation Z, said that his children now prefer new cars, especially the HotWheels brand, he admits that he never thought of making car toys from used bottles.

Those are all activities that we have done in the Recall the Past program, and the results exceeded all expectations, all participants were very happy to join this program because it helped them remember childhood games and helped them strengthen relationships between family members who have a fairly far age range. So this program is clear evidence that playing together can strengthen a relationship with a background of many different ages.


Written by Nataria

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