Trip to Singapore

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Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, Summer 2014 (By Avi Goldstein July 15th- July 18th )

So, I went to Singapore! I was lucky to have met an exchange student from Singapore at my university, and he was more than willing to host me while I stayed there, so I got free accommodation as well!


Being in Singapore was incredible. It’s like the whole country/city was an amusement park. There were huge buildings and shopping malls everywhere. Everything was clean, organized, and surprisingly quiet as well. My host took me all around the city, and made sure that we always had something fun to do. We went to water parks, took hip-hop dance classes, ate some really good food, went clubbing at one of the coolest and most fun clubs I’ve ever been to, watched movies, took pictures, visited landmarks, checked out shopping malls, spent time with other friends – we did a lot for just three days. The more I was there the more I was astounded by the country’s ability to integrate four official languages into their society. In the subways, on road signs, on buildings, practically everywhere, things were written in English, Chinese, Malaysian, and Tamil (an Indian dialect). Everywhere I was I would see people speaking these different languages, coming from different cultures, and I thought it was interesting to see them simply coexist (but not necessarily interact) in this very modern, almost futuristic, city-state.

There was one moment in Singapore when I decided to buy an expensive, but quite nice, pair of pants. They cost about fifty Singapore dollars, which is equivalent to fifty USD. After I paid for them, I though about how much fifty bucks would get me in Bali. It was then that I realized that the price I paid for the pants was about the same price that I paid to rent my scooter in Bali for an entire month. It was just a little moment that gave me some perspective, and I appreciated it.