Small Things Creating Bigger Impacts: A CSII Story

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17 May 2022 was the day I  left Bali to go to the Philippines for the CSII Training Course. This is the second time I am going abroad but this is my first time joining Erasmus+ Project, and the name of the program I’m joining is Community Seniors Involved International (CSII). The Act Global Team was represented by Nevy, Dimas, Karia, Mita, and Martha. This is the second time CSII program was hosted by Bridging The Gaps Inc. And this training course was a series by youth of Lithuania, the Philippines, and Indonesia. I’m very happy to be part of this project representing Indonesia. 

We arrived in the Philippines on 18 May 2022, we arrived earlier than the other participants. Arriving at Malina, we were greeted by Mark, one of the BTG team and we prepared the SIM Card. The next day, we explored Manila with a BTG volunteer, his name is JP Alvaro Travist, and with his friend Daryl. They guided us to visit many places in Manila like the Intramuros, city hall but we didn’t enter only from the outside, we also visited the Bonifacio Monument and we passed by the National Museum. From all of the destinations that we visited we just walk but from Hotel until Metro Manila we rode Jeepney and it was my first time experience 

The day to leave for Bagac, Bataan is coming. We went to Bataan with all of the participants from Lithuania, Indonesia and the Philippines. Our first day in Bagac was amazing because we met with the organizer and job shadowers, we introduced ourselves and did super fun games. The next day we went to Pag-Asa Barangay to meet with the senior community there, and the volunteers taught us how to make a shampoo bar. They made a new amazing innovation which saved our planet, and made our hair healthy because they used organic oil as well. The community was so happy when the volunteers came, and they hope we can come back to teach the others amazing thing. After our activities are finished we go back to the hotel to get lunch and the other discussions, and also we have some presentations about our local project before we went to Malina. That day passed with amazing things and amazing experiences. 

After making the shampoo bar, the next activity on the next day was visiting Ayta Magbukun Community in Bataan. The community welcoming us very well, and they are very friendly. In Ayta Magbukun the community teaches us how to make the wall from their houses. Because their house still used a bamboo wall that we needed to weave it first. After make the wall we just playing the games  to have fun, and we Indonesian team teach them “Bahasa Indonesia” and what word we teach is “Selamat datang”, “Selamat pagi”, “Terimakasih”, “Selamat siang”, and “Selamat Malam” they look so happy when we teach them because they get to know others languages. After that, we visited the house of Barangay head to say thankyou and goodbye because he gave us permission to visit their community. After those activities we went back to the hotel, got lunch and had a small discussion about what we have to do for the community. And after discussions we have free time and dinner. I was so happy that I can meet the community and we can learn new culture from Ayta Magbukun

The next day is full of discussions about the problems that we find when we visit the community before. Us being in a mix grup with the other countries discussing the problem about Seniors Community in Philippines, Lithuania, and Indonesia. After finding the problem we need to present what we find, from this discussion we know what problem that happened with our community and other countries. And we can discuss the solutions, and what we find is about mental health, loneliness, and social problems which make the Seniors community avoid young people. And our solution is making workshops on how to teach them how to use messengers and market places if some of them are sellers.

The day that we held the  workshop was coming, we went to Pag-Asa community to teach the community there how to use messengers, and the marketplace. The workshop is going well, the community learns so fast they can understand so well about what we teach them. And they so happy, now they can used the messengers and market place right. Because before, they only can call or send some text. They didn’t know how to send some pictures, how to send voice notes and video call. And that is the output of the training course, how we can help the elderly solve their problem like in Lithuania their seniors community’s problem is loneliness. Seniors community in Indonesia has problem about most elderly still working to solve their problem in economy so we will teach them how to sell their product in social media specially in Facebook marketplace, our problem is the same with the Philippines team, elderly especially fisherman they don’t know how to sell their product as fast as possible because if they stock the fishes for long time it will be not good to consume. 

So that is whole training course proses and the output. That was amazing because we know our seniors’ community problems and can give them the solutions for their problems. Even though it is only a little part, it is useful for them, and that also gives them amazing experience with youth around the world. And we end the training with social and intercultural afternoon


Written by Ni Wayan Kariasih

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