Social Media Literacy For Woman Rights: Workshop on Development of Open Educational Resources

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Social Media Literacy for #womanrights is a project that is socio-educational, with the goal of strengthening the capacity and awareness of organizations working in the field of gender equality. From 15th to 25th of July 2022 Act Global hosted a Social Media Literacy For Woman Rights workshop in Bali, Indonesia.

This workshop is a continuation of the training course we did in Bulgaria last month. The key objective of these events is to develop open educational resources to learn more about Social Media Literacy For Woman Rights. During the ten days, we gathered in Bali, we managed to create multiple platforms to spread the word about the importance of gender equality, women’s rights, and social media literacy.

Social Media Literacy for Women’s Rights is a socio-educational project to strengthen the knowledge and awareness of women’s rights issues and to use educational resources and social media to accelerate knowledge dissemination, learning, networking, and discuss the best practices.

Specifically, from the 17th to the 18th of July 2022, we conducted an open learning session to discuss women’s rights issues and social media literacy. The workshops were facilitated by Trianingsih from Act Global and Somkiat Sinprasert from EIS Thailand. 

On Sunday, 17th of July 2022, Act Global Blog’s writer, Harun Arrasyid spoke about the current situation of women’s reality in Indonesia. Our participants from Thailand responded and said that the actual situation of women’s rights issues in Thailand are similar to what is happening in Indonesia. Low participation of women in politics, violence, and sexual harassment is the same kind of problem that women in both countries are facing.

Other than that, we also watched a video about girls from different family backgrounds. After watching the video, Nevy Widya Pangestika, our blog writer, and She Builds Peace Zine Coordinator expressed that, girls from financially disabled families usually couldn’t go to higher education due to financial and marginalization problems, she mentioned that usually financially disabled families would prefer to send boys to school instead of girls. 

In this situation she said, girls have less of a chance than boys. She thought that when women are educated they tend to get married later and have fewer children, beside that, women who are less educated usually get married earlier and have kids more than they can afford, so this cycle will always continue. She added that someone needs to break the cycle.

Nevy as well spoke about what Act Global has been doing to acquaint this issue to the public. We crafted an and wrote several blogs about women’s issues and some Instagram posts about women’s rights. At the end of the workshop, the participant was tasked to create a campaign on women’s rights on multiple platforms. The participants were divided into three groups and each group created a campaign on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok

To conclude the first day of the workshop, we held an online meeting with teams from other countries, which was attended by teams from Thailand, Cabo Verde, Italy, and Indonesia. We provide the most recent updates on the tasks assigned to each country during this online meeting. 

The following updates have been provided: The Thailand team has completed the training guide, which will be released during job shadowing in Spain; Click here to see the preview of The Training Guide and The class.

The Cabo Verde team has already completed the recording process for the next podcast material with Team Singapore. As per the latest update, The Syah CV Cabo Verde already produced at least 3 podcasts with three different themes and topics. The first podcast speak about why is it important to discuss about gender equality, in the other episode, they spoke with a friend from Nicaragua, who talked about his experience of gender equality in his relationship and household, as well as how growing up in Nicaragua was like in terms of how household tasks were divided and ultimately what is important in task division within a family or relationship. They are also now in the process of producing another podcast to complete the task. All the podcasts are planned to be released at the meeting in Madrid. 

The training course in Bali is also not complete without the intercultural nights. On the evening of Sunday 17th of July 2022, we assembled to share food and tell each other about our cultures, costumes, and what was interesting about our country. The intercultural nights were intimate and super fun. 

A little bit different from the first day of the workshop, on the second day, we invited Pudak Sari, a digital marketer based in Denpasar to share with us about copywriting. In this digital age, copywriting has a vital role in selling or spreading ideas. Copywriting helps us gain attention in a split second to what we offer. Pudak told us about several kinds of techniques on how to write a copy and at the end of the day, what Pudak taught us is so important to disseminate our campaigns on the issue of gender equality and women’s rights. 

After Pudak spoke about digital marketing and copywriting, to energize the participants, we did an ice-breaking called Read Spirits Session. This is how it works. In this session, each participant is given a sheet containing quotes about women’s empowerment, then the participants are divided into pairs, and they are then asked to describe the meaning of the quotes which encourage each other between women. This energizer in the end makes us even more excited to speak out louder about gender equality and women’s rights.

Hermanto also delivered a fine presentation about digital security. Digital security has become one of the important issues to speak about these days. Phishing, skimming, data theft, online blackmail, and so on have become regular problems in this digital era. That is why Hermanto said during his sessions that it is so important to take care of our digital privacy. Creating a strong password, backing up data regularly, and keeping personal information are becoming necessary things to do according to Hermanto. 

Following the session about digital literacy by Hermanto, on Monday 18th of July 2022, we also did a participatory project to deploy the news about the project we are doing. We go down to the street and tell people about Social Media Literacy for Women’s Rights and the importance of women’s rights and gender equality. We received positive feedback from the people we meet on the street and we were glad that some of them also have the same concern as we are. 

The next day, we brought the international participant to several cultural places to make them closer to the local situation. On the title of cultural visit, we came to several spots in Bali that will make them understand Balinese culture and traditions better. We visited ancient temples such as Goa Gajah and Gunung Kawi Temple and did the purification of The Holy Tirta Empul Temple. The group also went to Nusa Penida and enjoyed one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. We also did not forget to ask them to taste the Indonesian food. Rendang should be on the number one list and Ayam Betutu also could not be missed. 

During the program, we had a meeting with Camilla and Igor from the organization coordinator, Adevis Juventud Internacional. We discussed the continuation of the project, which is the Jobs Shadowing program in Madrid, Spain. Furthermore, the discussion covered the info pack, the ticket for the participant, and the remaining task that needed to be done during the meeting in Madrid. The Jobs Shadowing program will undergo from earlier next month, starting from 30th of July till 14th of August 2022

The remaining days of the workshop in Bali were also filled with working on the task of each country. Act Global managed to finish all the 11 videos project related to women’s rights and gender equality issues in YouTube  and we also posted the them in our Instagram

Watch and share the Social Media Literacy For #Womanrights campaign videos below! 

Written by: Harun Arrasyid

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