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The 3rd Students Symposium at Green School Bali

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Youth is the future of our planet. To involve and engage youth in the energy transition, on Saturday 12th of November, collaborated with Green School Bali held the 3rd Students Symposium at Green School Bali. (Sustainability & Resilience co) is a think-do-be-tank company based in Bali, Indonesia. committed to research (think) on environmental issues and climate change, applying real solutions (do) based on our research and implementing what we learn into our daily life (be). Currently, working on several projects with various focuses, ranging from clean energy, climate change, sustainable production, decarbonization, online and offline Sustainability Training for local and international partners and Climate Field Schools for farmers., in collaboration with Green School Bali, held the 3rd Student Symposium with a focus primarily on Youth Involvement in Just-Energy Transition in Indonesia. The event engaged students, policymakers, businesses, research institutions and researchers on a local and international scale. The aim of this symposium was to get contribution and participation from diverse stakeholders, to connect with more schools, involve the youth in important discussions for our future, and spread awareness of Just-Energy Transition in Bali and the world.

Green School is located in Sibang, Abiansemal, Badung around 30-40 minutes from the center of Denpasar City. The school is located in a remote area and there are still many empty lands and plants, far from city’s life. We can even hear the crickets’ sound. Green School Bal is a private international pre-kindergarten to high school that was founded by John and Cyntia Hardy. The Green School’s campus is designed around the permaculture system, and students cultivate an organic garden as part of their learning activities. The campus’ buildings are also constructed primarily from renewable resources such as bamboo. 

In the symposium event, also invited students from other private and state schools, and NGO in Bali. Nevy and Dhania from Act Global attended the event. After we arrived at Green School Bali, the event’s committee let us fill out the participant form. As we arrived earlier, we went sightseeing around the Green School Campus while also seeing the exhibition participants preparing their booth. There are some booths that exhibit the sustainable approach in life.

The symposium event started at 2 pm with the welcoming from Green School followed by the welcoming from Dr. Takeshi Takama’s CEO, he is originally from a remote area in Japan. After the welcoming speeches, we continue the symposium with Green School’s students’ presentations about their projects. There were 2 students present, Dipta and Gusde. 

After the students’ presentation, the event was followed by the discussion about sustainability. We talked more about being women in the sustainability fields, whether it’s hard or do we have the same opportunities in these fields as men have. There was also a group of students from an automotive vocational school that discussed transforming the conventional scooters that use gas as fuel to electric and how to save time transforming those scooters.

The discussion really did open our mind to the real problem that we are facing and open our perspective to the possible solution and collaboration for a better future.


Written by: Nevy Pangestika

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