The World in The Eyes of David Attenborough: An Alarm to Humankind

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This documentary starts with the sad fact that if this mistake continues, perhaps we can not live on this planet anymore.

Chernobyl. A city in Ukraine is inhabitable due to the man-made catastrophe that happened years ago. The tragedy shows how human error and bad planning can lead us to similar events.

In this documentary, David Attenborough tells us how the world is fading and what can we do to prevent it.

Attenborough in the Maasai Mara, Kenya. Photograph: Conor McDonnell/WWF-UK

Before we dig down into the documentary, let me tell you who David Attenborough is and why he is the man who appears in this documentary’s title.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, his full name is Sir David Frederick Attenborough. He was born on 8 May 1926. He is an Englishman well known as a naturalist, broadcaster, and writer. David Attenborough was the guy behind unconventional education TV programs, mainly the “Life” series. His works have been so important in capturing our magnificent world.

Not only the life series, which comes to nine parts of an awesome documentary about our marble blue planet, but David Attenborough also created several documentaries until the last one that we are going to talk about, “David Attenborough: Life on Our Planet”.

Title: David Attenborough: Life on Our Planet

Year: 2020

Duration: 1h 23m

Platform: Netflix

This documentary was released last year. This documentary released on Netflix on September 28, 2020. I think it is a very perfect time, I mean last year was the very peak moment of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world.

I remember, when the WHO declared Sars-Cov-2 as a pandemic, the world drastically changed. This outbreak forces us to live our life differently even today some countries are still struggling on how to stop the spreading of this virus.

But yet, as this world is still facing the crisis of this pandemic, another problem is still evolving around us and ready to pounce us harder.

Global warming, climate change, garbage problem, hunger, all those issues are right there in front of us. The sign is there, but somehow the government and all those people in power seem to deny those real problems.

In this documentary, Attenborough shows us how this world drastically changes. I believe he is the most authoritative person to speak about how this world has been fading. He has been going to almost every corner of this world since he was 20 years old. Now, he is 95 years old, and I think he has seen how this world drastically changed to a worse place of living.

Not only him, I myself still remember when my teacher teaches me what month is the rainy season and what month is the dry season. But now, I find that somehow it is pouring in August or sometimes when nature wants, it is raining in September.
Same as Attenborough, I believe this world is changing.

The part that is still attached to my head about this documentary is when Attenborough describes that this world is not a limitless source. The footage of this world from outer space made me realize, this blue marble planet is the only place we can live in. Our scientist has not found yet that there is a similar planet we can migrate to when this world becomes inhabitable. And I am thinking, maybe it is right now, we have to make a bigger statement on how we are going to save this planet.

Attenborough proclaims that if we do not do it right now, it will become harder to do it later. He himself has been for many times speaking in the forum where all those governments and the people who possess the power gather, yet I do not see any major progress we made. He said that if we do not act, extinction is near.

In this documentary, he does not just come with the fact how miserable our world is, he comes with his idea of how we can save this home. He comes with the idea that this world should return to a wild place again, he wants us humans to stop exploiting this world. He thinks the sun and solar energy, the air, the water, and the geothermal, is the key to substituting fossil and coal energy.

He is also pointing out that we have to stop the exponential growth of the population. In doing that, he thinks the government should raise the standard of living, which theoretically can slow the growth of the population. Imagine if we can not do something about this, by 2100, the population of the world will increase to 11 million. And it seems we do not have a resource for that number of people.

In the end, watching this documentary is so important to wake people up that we have real problems ahead.

“When there is no one to blame, everyone is to blame” – Jorge Bergoglio.




Written by Harun Arrasyid