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Time changes when everything is new

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Bali, November 2018 (By Kristina)

A slap of hot air, the crowd, crossovering the jungle of taxi drivers that offer a transport repeating “no thanks we’re waiting for a friend” as if it were a mantra, maybe our first mantra. Is this one Sebastian? No, I don’t think so, and this one? No, neither. Pagona, Sofia and me looking for one guy with red shirt and glasses.

“I can´t see well from far away”

Or is that there are so many new stimuli and  I’m not entirely able to focus on looking for Sebastian? And still we have not left the airport. I looked to the right and saw a  local guy with a cap holding a sign with my name.


“Girls look over there!”

He’s right there. We were both looking for each other and when someone searches, they will find each other eventually.


We waited for the fourth passenger in front of a statue of Ganesha riding a gygantic rat while Sebastian enthusiastically and warmly welcomes us. We’re all ready to head toward our new home. Outside the window of the car: lights, statues and a very lively and somewhat chaotic city. We crossed one street and another until we reached our gang, Gang E. There, Aini welcomes us with the same sincere smile I could perceive in the Skype interview. Next to her Abi, a guy with an attentive look, curious, with our same desire to share experience and moments. But today, our brain does not work well at all, probably because of the 18 hours of flight on our shoulder. Even though, we sat on the terrace to fill our stomachs with the delicious food that Abi has prepared for us and to share first impressions, feelings and our own personal way of understanding the world.


First week here: the jet lag and the mixed feelings are easily carried thanks to the good group climate we are building and, of course, thanks to the unconditional help of local volunteers always willing to make things easier for us. Every day is a new adventure: to know Ruma Pintah, the coworking  space where we will work. Sharing a day with Dinar, a local volunteer with Act Global, discovering her way of doing and being, laughing at our similarities and appreciating our differences. Our Jalan Jalan with Annisa visiting Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, watching the rice fields and the monkey forest. Going around in the market and the new flavors that are beginning to settle on my palate. The first days are slow, time changes when everything is new.


Every street, every person, every taste, every aroma, a world. A new world that we can´t wait to discover.



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