Training Course: New Skills For The Future Entrepreneurs.

Training Course

Bologna, Italy, 19-23 February 2018 ( Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, India.)

The training course activity entitled “New Skills for The Future Entrepreneurs” was held in Bologna, Italy from the 19th-24th February 2018. The training course took place in Albergo Del Pallone Hostel, which is located in the centre of Bologna City. There were nine participants who came from different countries in Europe and Asia such as Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, and Indonesia.


The aim of the program was to empower and traineeyouth workers to be able to work with NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) young people, and also learn how to communicate and motivate Neets. Additionally, it created an organization environment that could encourage youngsters to develop entrepreneurial enthusiasm and offer support that encourages them to become a social entrepreneur.

The participants gained new knowledge and experience during the training. All the training were run in the classrooms, which used a variety of non-formal learning methods such as lectures, simulations, discussions, giving assignments, and presentations.

The topic could be classified into several sub-topics, which were :

My role as a youth worker

Helping the relationship between youth workers and NEETs

Fostering the sense of entrepreneurship with Neets: tools and techniques

How to motivate NEETs through the development of entrepreneurial skills

Young Academies: mentoring and peer learning methodologies

Erasmus + Programme and the work with NEETs: challenges and opportunities


On this training, the participants shared information about the conditions for Neets and entrepreneurs in their home country. It also gave an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to tell what we have done and what should we do in the present and future, in order to bring positive impact to surrounding environments.

Each delegation had different experiences and roles which enrich the knowledge among participants attending the training as all were coming from different countries. This also stimulated the enthusiasm and motivated the participants to build connections within this project.

Mariana Delgado, one of the trainers explained about youth behaviour that could become an agent of change for the environment, the participants were trained to acknowledge the appropriate way for Neets and youth workers to be able to create synergy as youngsters who bring beneficial change toward the environment. During this training, the participants also discussed what are the other required capabilities that every young worker must have to motivate and empower Neets to becoming a social entrepreneur.


On the training course, the participants also got involved in a simulation activity aimed at constructing effective communication. We also reflected on the appropriate way to convey certain information to other partners. It was challenging due to the diversity of participant’s background, knowledge, and experience.

A Youth Academy is one of the outputs that is expected from this project. Each country aims to facilitate a group of Neets in their own country and support them to grow into a social entrepreneur. In the Youth Academy, Neets can gain various information and capabilities around social entrepreneurship. Each country partners is expected to build Youth Academy which reflects the needs and priorities of this project.

Bologna City has many beautiful ancient buildings full of interesting history. The participants got the opportunity to explore and observe the capital city and its environment, by visiting areas of Piazza Maggiore, Fontana del Nettuno, Two Towers, and other buildings. In these areas, there are many bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and supermarkets.

The participants also got an interesting opportunity to visit Parmigiano-Reggiano in Modena to do a visit to a local business.


The cultural visit also became the main part of this training course. All of the participants had an opportunity to visit Fico Eataly World, one of the biggest Agribusiness Parks in the world. The place was very big and the participants could ride the bicycle to stroll around there and continued with some discussion, as well as buying several kinds of food in Fico. It was an unforgettable moment in the biggest Agribusiness Park in the world accompanied with new friends from different countries.


At the end of the session, the participants discussed the continuation of this project, such as local boot camp, Youth Academies, and the European Voluntary Service element, which will be held in each of the partner countries. The training was concluded with formulating the key to success. Finally, the last activity during this program was a dinner and farewell party that took place in one of a restaurants there. At the end of the event, the participants conveyed the impression and gratitude for this incredible training courses in Italy. (by Annisa)

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