Video Editing Learning for Beginners Workshop using Simple Application


STMIK Primakara, (Public)

On January 17th, 2020, Act Global and English Club STMIK Primakara held Video Editing Learning for Beginners Workshop at STMIK Primakara, Tukad Badung Street 135, Renon. This workshop was mentored by Chika Mega Kusuma Wardani Winahayu, Act Global Indonesia Foundation volunteer. This activity introduced how to capture a nice video and practical application for editing. An application used in this activity called Movie Maker.

The workshop began with a general introduction to video types. Chika gave us a few steps to create a practical and simple video. She shared her experience when using a camera phone to record the video. She also told us how to create a simple video which only needs a camera from the phone to record, the way to edit it and the result.

Chika explained that there were two objectives in making videos, namely individual videos as expressive diaries and videos for organizations as documentation of organization activities. Before the direct practice by the participants began, Chika gave the following tricks to make a good video.

  1. The video to be edited should be in landscape format. If you want to make a video in portrait format, make sure every video that you will combine has the same format.
  2. Make your concept first to avoid unnecessary scenes on your video so that the message in the video is delivered.
  3. Don’t overdo the transition effects. In addition to disturbing the visual video, this also makes the viewer unable to focus on the message you want to convey.
  4. Put suitable music in your video. The music has to match the vibe that you want to show in the video. Remember, if you want to make an organization video, make sure the music you use is free of copyright.
  5. Don’t forget to show the musician or source name of the music you use as an appreciation for their creation.

Afterward, all the participants got a chance to practice creating a short video with Chika during the workshop. During the process of creating videos from the participant, they also could ask and share information while using Movie Maker application. The workshop was ended by a video presentation from several participants that shows different interesting stories from participants.

It was a pleasant workshop. We learned and shared new knowledge together. Learned how to edit video by following a simple step but created a video like a pro is a wonderful experience. Hopefully, we can empower the participants with our workshop.