Virtual Learning Program: Study in India, A Life Changing

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When you hear the word India? What comes to your mind? For me it is always either Shah Rhuk Khan or Good Music that drives you to dance. Kids grow up in a rural area in Lombok, shaking hands for the time with India of course through Bollywood movies. 

Some of us perhaps know India with some stereotype that happens to run in the media. Yet, other than that, India is a country full of history. A nation’s thats has so many that they can be proud of. Speaking about India seems to be a great topic to talk about. 

On 22nd October 2022 Act Global held a discussion on Google to speak about How to Get Scholarship in India. The reason we arranged this space is to broaden the horizons of Indonesian youth about other nations’ culture and terms. The discussion was led by Elis Munawaroh, alumnae of  The English and Foreign Language University (EFLU) India. 

Up to 30 people gathered in this discussion. The participants throw and ask several questions about India and how to get scholarships. Luckily, Elis seems to be a talkative person, she explains easily about her experience during her stay in India. Hearing Elis told us about her time in India also feels like listening to a friend we just met after a long separation. 

Having an opportunity to study abroad is a dream for some people. However, for Indonesian, there is a tendency that some of them want the famous scholarship called LPDP (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan) or Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education, a scholarship from the Indonesian Ministry of Finance.

Yet, what Elis wants us to realize is that,  when a door is closed, God really opens another window. And actually there are many scholarship opportunities to those who want to pursue education abroad. Like the one Elis enrolled in, Indian Council for Cultural Relation (ICCR). 

Elis Pursued her master’s degree in India with the scholarship from ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relation). ICCR is an autonomous organization of the Government of India, involved in India’s global cultural relations through cultural exchange with other countries and their people.

And for your information, in recent years, the Indian education system has changed drastically for the better, their economy is also improving so much. However, with the good quality of education, not so many people consider India as a study destination.

One of the ICCR’s programs is scholarship for bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees. These scholarship programs are available in most Indian state universities. For the program available for the scholarship except Midwifery, Pharmaceutical Education, adn Aviation.

Elis mentioned that, not so many people know about this scholarship, you will get a better opportunity to get the scholarship. The application process are as follow:

  1. Create online account,
  2. Fill all requirement,
  3. Interview,
  4. Call by Embassy/Consulate,
  5. On boarding.

Elis also expressed what is need to be prepare to enroll in this scholarship. She said, we need two of the latest education certificates we had, a recommendation letter, an essay, and a TOEFL certificate. This document needs to be completed by the applicant if they want to submit the application for this scholarship. 

In the end, having studied abroad is always a good experience, Elis mentioned that we don’t know what the experience will impact on us, but what she knows is her time and experience in India will be her favorite time of her life. Life changing.


Written by: Nevy Pangestika and Harun Arrasyid

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